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Are you really wanting to display your lack of sartorial knowledge?
You can wear it inside out but you would likely not wish to be thought a fool for so doing, Likewise you would not wear a button down unbuttoned unless you wish to appear to be a scruffy and igmnorant oik.
No, the so-called staining is likely to be dye that has run. Just ignore that unless having a towel with the name 'Versace' on the label - but only known to you - has some bragging rights for which you carve . Frankly no one will be in the slightest impressed or interested so forget it.
Hideous, pure affectation, change for its own sake entirely without merit. That goes for the (faux?) 'throat latch' visible on the collar, that is only associated with sports coats and tweeds to be worn for hunting, shooting or fishing. The buttons too add nothing whatever to the garment.
Quite so and why do you want to get your hands dirty when tying them. Just buy new ones or get better shoes with decent laces.
You sound very indecisive to me as well as being someone who is conceited.I'm a young gentleman looking to buy a new suit. I want to look stylish yet have unmatched qualityIn the absence of a photograph it is quite impossible to determine what is right: You also make no reference for the circumstances in which this might be worn. That makes a huge difference. A conservative profession versus a wedding versus some one in marketing and so on and so forth.Rather than pursuing...
What instrument do you play in the band?
It could be but who would want to show that they patronised that shop?
Wear short socks, cures the problem very satisfactorily.
Indeed, these look dreadful and frankly will make you look cheap and certainly someone whose judgement is seriously flawed.
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