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Looks fine, good classic look.
Even at those wage rates this is far too good to be even vaguely true. Don't be fooled - unless your standards are minimal and disguised MTM of the worst sort is your objective.
You certainly cannot afford Savile Row's mainstream at that budget but I would endorse C and D or Browne, there are some reasonable reports of them about.
There are no such things as "rules" in respect of dress. You should wear that in which you feel comfortable and fits the engagement at hand.
Theatrical costumier perhaps?
Cotton quite frequently shrinks an so should be pre-shrunk before manufactured.
Probably not: if you have to ask it is unlikely to be real.
No, orphaned suit jackets do not deserve to be relegated to sports coats, they simply look dreadful.
Tailoring is an art, not a science, what is right for one person is not for another. Different tailors work in different ways and none will satisfy all. You must adapt to the market's ways.
You simply do not understand how this market works and you are trying to make it conform to your idea of what it should be or do. It won't.You should also understand that Asian tailors operate at the low end of the market, they best tailors have their origins in the Cantonese region.
New Posts  All Forums: