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Principle fine though that coat will always look as if it is an suit orphan.
How on earth do you expect anyone to know? Really is a very silly question, only you can decide if shoes fit you. One thing is certainly true, they do look like "clown shoes".
Search and read There's a start for you. http://www.styleforum.net/atype/5/Styleforum_101
http://www.styleforum.net/atype/5/Styleforum_101 All you could want on this oft asked and boring question. More answers there than any new thread will attract.
Either with matching belt.http://files.styleforum.net/images/smilies/nod[1].gif
Go to a shop to see what models are available and you have answered your second point if you cannot attend the tailor.
See if Burberry will repair them (at your cost) or else throw them away and start again. Home repairs will look dreadful.
Would this not be better in the Streetwear Forum?
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