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Many thanks for posting, it is going to be a good addition to your wardrobe your excellent skill and discernment. The final photograph captures your sills superbly even in its half finished state. That you supply your own trimmings to some marks this out as well. All this is one of the reasons why I find a view of the whole of the inside of the jacket shows the attention to detail by the tailor/cutter - or its absence. Are you having the trousers without braces or is...
Far too tight.
Buy what YOU like NOT anyone else.
Purple or white suits - surely you do not need to wear any tie at a fancy dress party? However, if you are in the band, a red tie would help set you apart from more sensibly dressed people even more.
$HK15,000 possibly more for a special cloth
Buy proper leather straps or bracelets rather than these cheap appendages.
Faded not sun dyed. Burn them, they are beyond redemption.
Should you not be paying for this like other traders?
'Search' I would suggest - you will learn more than by hoping people will repeat what they have already written.
Why is "long time lurker" such a common opening gambit? Not sure why JRRADICK bumped this, may be a clue hidden there. Mute offers you good advice.
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