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An administrator has asked that this diatribe on BaoTous stops. Can you not adhere to this as well? The subject is boring now, we all understand your stand point even if we might heartily ignore it!
You'll find no friends for such hideous garments here! The coats are far too short for starters and worse the fabric is substantially composed of man-made fibres. If you like them, buy them but they are certainly neither flattering and nor will they be in fashion for more than 5 minutes, there again they might well have worn out by then.
Neither URL opens.
Thank you. Much needed intervention although one has not taken any notice!!
Interesting, makes a change to have some photos of a suit being made once again. VBC is OK and this appears to be a good start to meet your requirement. The only concern that I might have is that the right sleeve appears a tad short but at this stage it is not a concern but might be worth mentioning to provoke a discussion. Who is the tailor?I hope that you will post photographs at the forward fitting and when it is complete, those are always interesting. Thanks for...
The link to Fleebay doesn't work but if you have followed the suggested means of authentication above then that is the answer. If you want certainty then don't buy second hand or from merchants who sell on Fleebay. For every honest Fleebay vendor there are probably 10 who aren't especially selling the so-called 'high end' range of clothes. Supposed because it is merely the label that you are buying, the actual good is just a piece of tat.
It would be worth following his advice, very much an informal suit but welcome variety.
I am not comparing the TST touts to Saville Row, merely using them as exemplars of the extremes. I would agree that many tradesmen not just tailors in HK tell lies, one must simply form a judgement as to which is which.So, some out workers are good, others, bad. Quite so.Your objective is to try to gather some of the decent ones together it seems.However there are other things in life and so, I tend to work the other way around; I start from the outputs I want and their...
'Altered' because they don't fit or "made", bit of a difference. You might be better changing the header from your name to what you actually want to talk about.
New Posts  All Forums: