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This is a suit not a casual jacket - to match this to some odd trousers would look appalling and make you a fool.
I'd disagree - seems a very a very superficial piece about costume rather than suits.
+1Essential to build such a relationship with your chosen tailor, not simply buying something to take home as a trinket.
Its website is singularly unhelpful - a few models parading about and little more. Bespoke/MTM/RTW? Presumably one has to guess.
In no way is this formal
You'll not get much for that. Might even be better to pass given that is the price of rags.
Yes, people like Gordon Yao are good at making a fair impression of such things. However avoid the Asian touts near Star Ferry in TST, they will promise you what you want to hear and deliver you a rag. You will easily recognise them, they are the ones who don't shout 'copy watch' at you.
This is quite normal and natural and would happened had you bought a new pair rather than second hand. Wear and enjoy them if you value the things.
Most Savile Row tailors will look down on MTM as though it had been trodden in on someone's feet. You would be better off-row with the likes of Cad and the Dandy and Graham Browne who should both be within your budget.
Winter only: It is too heavy for summer and would look totally out of place and give entirely the wrong impression at an interview.
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