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Why don't you buy shoes that meet your requirements? To have two pairs which you require to change does not seem to b an accident.
No clue what make these are but I rather think that you are over worrying. I have certainly never seen kiwi coming of leather as you describe.... What does the vendor or their maker suggest?
Yes, an interesting move. It would be preferable to have the hidden pocket in the waistband as many tailors offer in that region rather than that silly watch pocket below it which is too narrow to be of real use in the modern world.
I'd give them back were I in your position - they look awful and certainly well-used.
Some that fit!
There are so many so-called tailors, most of whom rely upon sweatshops in either Hung Hom or else across the border that is very doubtful whether they will be known here or indeed be worth going to. You can usually identify these by the prices for shorts and suits (or combinations) which are simply too cheap to be of anything remotely approaching decent quality. I would put this sort of spin off company in this bracket but decent tailors and other of those required...
Google will answer your question, have you even tried? The question is certainly utterly irrelevant here.
"Hats" are not worn, they are either caps or mortar boards.
The red one is vaguely casual but certainly not the blue.
That is all quite normal and your concern is utterly without merit.
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