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An interesting report. I have used Ascot Chiang since 1995 and consistently good. Nelson Chin is the manager of the Peninsular shop and is very accommodating. No problems at all and they must have made well over 180 shorts for me in that time. Chan as you say can be variable. There can be no justification for producing such poor suits even if Chu was away. Measures and figuration should have been on file. I have had one suit from them which was not impressive and they...
One final trip to the fire as the only change that would assist their mobility. They don't fit you and should have been left on the rack where you found them, however much you may like the rest of the garment.
If you like it, buy and wear it. If you don't walk away. One could simply say yes but that would have no basis in reality, two 'yes', two 'no', you still have to choose.
Pretty well anything that you like. Can't guess what colour would suit you both physically and in respect of your personality. Some could carry purple off. others not by example.
Fake then?
What has Google turned up for you?
Interesting cloth and detailing. The pattern matching in this small excerpt looks good. Whilst large checks are not my chosen way, the cloth is attractive, what is it? I see also that a right in-ticket pocket features, I have to admit I have that - is it getting more popular? One other question, why are inner pockets being cut in this fashion commonly these days? I could see it might be stronger for in-breast pockets but seems like overkill for in-ticket pockets.
English cut as a bespoke tailor is OK but Tom Mahon can be an acquired taste, his former partner Edwin de Boise offers something similar and has the support of his son. I doubt that he would see you for M2M. Who undertakes this activity has not emerged to my knowledge, presumably he has someone who has stayed with him beyond a short period. I doubt that he would put his name and reputation to something poor though. A Suit that Fits is not good at all. I do know someone...
Merchant selling bits and pieces left over. Be wary as it might well deploy more than one bolt of cloth to meet an order
Your premise is a nonsense, no craftsman will get near any expensive item bought of a shelf, the manufacture will be done using a mix of computer controlled mass production equipment such a laser cutters and sewn together by low skilled machinists. The only question to answer is whether the factory is in a high wage economy with a potentially higher level of supervision and marginally better conditions rather than a low wage economy. Even Savile Row houses use machinists...
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