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Just an expensive label. Send it back and buy something which actually is good.
Manufacturers like to change anything to ensure the gullible want to buy 'this year's on trend' moneymaker.
Yes, if any establishment wants trade it has never yet been proved sensible to turn people away.
Probably made specially for him. That's quite normal in 'show business'. Google or one of the bespoke leather houses of HK, or even Magnoli even though I do not make comments whatever on quality, good or bad. That will test how much you want it!
Can you find a low end MTM outfit> Bookster in its new form?
Not at all, your post was very interesting along with your experience and deserves serious responses. All we seem to have presently is this repetitive nonsense about workshops and tailors shops which has no purpose whatever.I very much look forward the next couple of fittings, this is how both the OP and others can learn. It can be a daunting prospect to bespeak a suit in Hong Kong if you are not familiar with the various tailors and just avoid the touts at Star Ferry,...
Are you two guilty of advertising? Seems suspicious beyond reasonable explanation that one of you should ask such a question as a first post and curiously another first time poster join within two ours and then answer the question. I rather think you two are anything but genuine - id so are going to behave as fraudsters which you are then at least have the courtesy of thinking of something which is even vaguely plausible. There is also something very odd about the...
I am merely trying to understand the point PekingRoadHK is actually trying to make; as with all his posts there is no obvious purpose to them and I wonder why these are actually here.I rather think that Hifilover BigbigJonny are closer to the truth than we might think.
The best shoe is always the one that fits properly regardless of other attributes. A shoe could tick all your boxes yet still be uncomfortable to wear, We all have different feet and even right and left feet can vary - mine have one size difference and so you need to establish which meets the needs of your feet first.
Don't simply depend on the size described, cut is very important and materially affects the fit. The only real way is for you to go to some bricks and mortar shops, try on the suits on offer and buy the best fitting suit, whilst ignoring the labels. Don't be fooled by always buying the same make, different lines are cut (well, carved out by laser means in bulk) from different blocks and therefore vary.
New Posts  All Forums: