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Worth what anyone would pay for such a repaired rag, (est. $US10) it you have doubts it is probably fake.
If it floats your boat...
95% Wool of some sort, 5% Silk. Google always remains a good acquaintance if not a friend.
Can you actually see the tartan you seem to despise so much? If you are blessed with better sight than the rest of us, fine otherwise buy it for the purpose you outline else buy something else.
Can't agree that; AMHC and Gordon Yao are in the same league - or higher. Chan expanded very rapidly and there are simply not enough good tailors in Hong Kong to sustain that rate of growth without some compromises along the way.
Take your pick, all have good cutters and are quite used to western men who exhibit the hallmarks of having had a good life. No cutter specialises in one type of body rather than another.
You're right to be cautious as it could look very silly indeed. If you can afford to go to a high end bespoke tailor (not MTM) with a good cutter he should be able to create something sympathetic, but, if it is to RTW then err on the side of caution and don't try it.
"no brainer" that seems about right, just go to Primark, that appears to be your level and aspiration.
If you have to ask, then probably not.
Is anyone aware of a bespoke tie manufacturer of the undoubted quality of Sam Hober but who has a more adventurous pattern book, geared to the European market rather than the more staid US equivalent? I have many Hober ties but really do need to mix some bolder patterns into my collection.
New Posts  All Forums: