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That lot are complete tripe. Everyone has their own ways of tracing and long may that continue; to try to reduce it as you have done does not reflect well at all. Simply get on with your life and don't waste your time on such things as this.
Still crap and if ordered on line a surefire way of creating a disaster.
Whichever you prefer, there is no real distinction between them and you will be wearing whichever one.
There is no 'ideal' selection. The chosen selection is that which fits your, sorry, a thirty-something's life style, nature and personal preferences, no one but this make believe person can choose them.
Burn them?
Costume or else an obscure make he or the wardrobe manager has found with the intention of giving him a unique appearance for theatrical reasons. Many people, including you it would seem, don't realise that fact. If whatever you covet does not fall out of Google at the first try, it probably never will.
As these other two posts whilst buying Zegna is simply buying the label not the garment to which it is attached, there are different ranges under their name and you must recognise that at all times.
This is a total nonsense. It shows you to be a fool, insults your hosts or others at the same event as it clearly says 'I am better than you' AND 'you cannot even dress properly'. You are the fool and you are not dressed correctly. Dress codes and normal attire for this and for that to help attendees present themselves appropriately.
You would use a dark charcoal cloth.
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