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If you are happy then...
The alteration cannot be done satisfactorily as you surmise, forget it.
Why, if you cannot find them on here, does that not tell you something? Suggest avoid and go to a tailor who is known and recommended here.
Stupid thread
Dark blue? Your image shows a bright purple/royal/blue of jeans. Hardly any help.
Seems overkill. I know what I have and will judge each day as it comes. No need to digital involvement in the process, can't see what it adds and you offer no case for it either.
Quite normal I thinkl
Difficult to be able to advise 0 colour rendition on screen is so variable - the better way would be for you take them into day light and pick the one you like.
When you do it would be interesting to see views of the trousers, front and rear without the coat and also the full inside of the coat to be able to see Ms Ratcliffe's work as a whole, Thanks
Too late to ask after you have bought it!
New Posts  All Forums: