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It is not unusual but you must determine if it is appropriate.
if it makes you happier then do it. I suspect the lapels would need to be recovered if it is not to look entirely false and somewhat of an affectation.
You have answered your own question - JL and M and S.
????? Photographs to explain?
And if it is of use add Thomas Mahon's MTM to the list of contenders
A bricks and mortar shop would serve you better or can you not be bothered to do that?
With that sort of money stick to just one, few will think ill of a young man starting out with only one suit, add another when you have saved some money. As to where go to some shops and try to get the best fit so at least it looks good. Research on here for detail on 'fit' and go to bricks and mortar shops not be tempted to guess about on line suits.
Maurice Sedwell of Saville Row fit this.
? Quite odd, do the things suggested here and just forget you are wearing a tie, it does seem to be in your mind.
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