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Yes, your cutter is the expert not you, take his advice and respect him for it.
Absolutely correct. Novices should just stop thinking they are clever by purchasing cloth for CMT to save a few $, they pay too much for expensive cloth or are sold bits of rag and then try to beat the tailor down to meet a limited budget which is crazy because decent tailors do not need to give their time and expertise away for nothing - they are not charities as some seem to think them. The skill rests entirely with your cutter and his staff but there is no skill...
I would hate to keep you waiting any longer so you should either try a different knot else a better quality tie.
So true, in fact it is little more than a folly to wear tennis shoes as a fashion statement and then complain of cold feet.
I'd shy away from expensive cloths for a first commission; I don't doubt GT will do a good job but second and subsequent commissions reflect client and cutter having the measure of one another. If this is likely to be your only visit then go for it, you have nothing to lose.
I'd send it back if you can, there is nothing whatever good to say about, only dreadful or worse. If you can't send it back burn it; the you should either go to a bricks and mortar shop next time or if it is was from such a vendor avoid them, the sales staff have no idea whatever and seem only to be interested in getting their tawdry stock out of the public door to the premises.
I don't doubt you could replicate this combination but what you should be aware of is lot of the clothes worn by models are one offs and not something which will ever hit the shops.
Any suit made from junk such as these are is fit only for melting on a fire. You should stick to wool or linen for summer.
"Eight days", this post reads "only for 6-7 days"! Rush jobs ('skiffles' on Saville Row) seldom get the best out of any craftsmen and for a first commission that is fatal, it takes time. If you want 'quick' go to Hong Kong, may will oblige 24 hours time elapsed including bringing the finished garment from Shenzen. but you will get crap.I did not disparage these tailors but that was not the subject of the enquiry: Others may well differ and quite reasonably so, the...
No 'Rules' cover any aspect of men's clothing other than what is called a 'dress code' for certain functions. Wear what you think is best suited for yourself.
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