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Sleeves of coat too short, far too tight in any event. Suggest give it back to whomsoever you bought it from and try some where else; remember that fit is a in direct relationship to cut and so a different cut would be better for you. Bow tie boring looking thing - in any event you are far too young for that - it will appear fatuous and you will be a laughing stock for even thinking about it. It's pre-tied so burn it. White suit, only for formal occasions if then, less...
Any shop - Marks and Spencers, John Lewis or if you prefer £1 Grotland. Hardly seems a matter worthy of a question for goodness sake.
What fits and you actually like is often a good start point in selecting clothes.
Breakaway01 is absolutely correct; It seems hardly worth bothering given that few would really want to bother with a short length. A refusal might well ensue given that their markets are tailors and your proposition is hardly worth the effort for them. If you are so bothered, try eBay, there are many merchants to be found who do supply off lengths,
Is it really worth bothering?
Then wait until you have the money to patronise such a cobbler. Alternatively, as the goes, Access takes the wait out of wanting.
Realistically you are going to have to bite a particularly large bullet if really need bespoke shoes. May be better to stick with suits and shirts?
Do you keep a daily record of those clothes you have selected inc. photographs?
Surely the 'easier' solution (for those unsure of themselves) is to wear a casual jacket/blazer such that one half of the ensemble contracts with the other? Dark jeans merit a lighter colour jacket (possibly by exception a dark blue blazer) and a lighter coloured pair a darker jacket. There is a middle ground for at the more skilled end of the judgement spectrum which could go either way. Texture such as cord/tweeds and so are a further option with a nod to...
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