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Second hand junk, You will never find a coat to match it.
Assuming it fits and you like it, it will be fine. Trews (usually tartan) are fine/quite acceptable for the Scots but that is it. For all others it is stupid and is merely affectation.
Poor quality - labels do not imply quality in the slightest.
Aimies is long dead so this is just another label you are buying. There is no control over quality as the label implies, so buy it if you like it but don't expect it to be a mark of any particular quality. It is probably a bottom end rag.
Go buy it. +1
Get a normal evening dress. For most functions you would look like something of an idiot in such a thing. Fine if the function is at your home or if you are the Chairman of your company or other eccentric, not fine other wise.
Better but the sleeves and shirt are a joke - aren't they? If deliberate then a further cremation is called for!
Plus 1
Half a day was for several houses.It is completely wrong to judge by reference to a website. A good suit as opposed to an 'OK suit is a curious blend of workmanship and the rapport between cutter and client. They must both be correct to ensure that the garment will be a joy to wear over many years.
The most important thing you must do is decide what style of suit you want. Each House has its own way of cutting a suit and that should govern you primary choice. For example Davies is also a military tailor and the coats of its lounge suits tend to be 'tunic' oriented whereas Anderson and Shepherd favour something called 'soft tailoring' i.e. more drape. Stephen Hitchcock offers the same, hardly surprising as he is the son of the last MD of Andersons and served his...
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