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You've joined to say this???
It certainly does not look to be an elegant suit - can't you do better?
Yes, but the answers are all there. These guys will offer you what you want as long as you can describe it or have images. Meeting them is also a good idea, what people say here might well not be entirely correct. The relationship between a tailor and his client is not forged on the internet as you would appear to hope.
Dreadful - and if you need to ask, forget about it.
If you just take the trouble to read this thread, your choices will become apparent, there's no substitute for a little research
You will get what you pay for, cheap and good customer service are mutually exclusive.
Knock offs or fake?
It does not say a great deal about you if you are unsure even how to dress.
Badly - all of them.
Why ever do people believe that clothes seen on Television or in films can be bought and why on earth do they have so little dress sense as to need such a prop?
New Posts  All Forums: