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We'll ignore this as you are new and purely by chance have found such an obscure subject as this which reflects your interests....
Sleeves too short, coat too long etc. Take it back and go to a bricks and mortar shop - you will likely repeat this with on line tailors and become part of the vast number whose money was wasted due to on-going fit problems.
Difficult as fit depends on the body the garment has to cover, not measurements in themselves. Suggest read older posts/threads rather than pursue this.
All designer labels are vastly overpriced.
Vulgar in the extreme. Just lurk for a while and do not get such strange ideas.
You offer some curious views. Go somewhere else, this thing is irredeemable, I hope it was cheap and not made of the sacking that it appears to consist. Let decent tailor make the second suit - not yourself.
Diadem offer you the best chance of advice.
Generally those that are more expensive and/or come from decent shops. For starters they should be all cotton and not made from some plastic junk.How much can you afford to pay?
If you are working at New York law firm as anything more that a post boy, door keeper or some other menial then these two are not suitable for office wear. Indeed were I senior partner I would be appalled at even those lowly people being so attired. Think suit now. (If there are NYC law firms in the back streets then maybe but that would be stretching it.)
Hint is in the "cheap" descriptor you applied to your present belt.
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