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No one was suggesting otherwise surely?
Surely just follow this silly guide is the easiest way to do things?
None of this lot - all eye sores and an affront to sartorial elegance.
Then you would not have either bought from IndoChino or deluded yourself that these are anything but rags. "the epitome of bespoke" for suits comes from Saville Row or Chris Despos.
Is this a joke? Asking about selfie-sticks and claiming that an Indochino looks "stellar". Get over it, accept you are a tourist - just like a myriad other people striding about New York's streets and enjoy your visit.As to handing a 'selfie stick' down as some sort of heirloom in the making, I suppose one could laugh at the idea.
Why bother (a) to cart clothes around to have them altered simply to save a few pennies, (b) ask such a silly question as your first post? Had you tried 'search', you would have found that this site is not about repairs/minor alterations other than when buying something new and equally that it is not concerned with raking about flee markets in Bangkok or anywhere else for that matter.
s the host what apparel he/she expects everyone to wear. Formal implies evening dress to me.
Quite soPrice make up is:Quality of suit £20Price of label £280Suit retail price £300.
Relevance here then?
Where on Hong Kong island is "DC", don't recognise it.
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