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IF this is menswear, go to a shop and try one. Then hide in a cupboard, few will believe you and fewer will think it other than dreadful..
Call it patina and live with it or else buy a new one.
Not uncommon for the previous owners to buy the business back the day after it was p[laced into administration - 'pre-pack' administration as it is known. They get the assets but leave the debts behind.
Quite so, the OP would also have learned about other tailors from it. And what is a " 2x1 or 2x2" cloth (not material).
Have such things not already been "designed"? Tartans are standard things.
Suit, suite describes furniture.
What earthly use would these be to the average reader?
Stebbin is correct, on line is simply a waste of your money. Don't be fooled by road shows, go to a bricks and mortar store.
You are extremely impatient. Somewhere, were you to self help and use search, you will find an opinion supported by images suggesting that this source is crap MTM.
I rather think that you are imagining that- the pocket represents a cut in the fabric so I rather suspect that new front panels were made.
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