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You've probably ruined them and 'set' the stain into the fabric. If something is have an effect persevere with it or else try a stain remover. You really have nothing to lose now.
Yawn, why did you not just say that in the first place?
Far too fashion oriented and you are buying a label not quality.
Difficult to determine anything from the web site and we know little about this MTM - what composition is the cloth, FULL set of fit images , with and without the coat etc, etc. Off chance might be interesting
At the ends of your legs. More seriously assuming you bought them what did you have in mind?
That will guide you but some of the negatives you use: " a nice suit for a long time and have came across nothing." "but the fit or price isn't right." "getting a bespoke suit, however, I can never find a nice fabric." suggest that you have no clue what you are doing and need a guide to at least get you to buy a suit. Think about your excuses and what it says about your ways.
Principle fine though that coat will always look as if it is an suit orphan.
How on earth do you expect anyone to know? Really is a very silly question, only you can decide if shoes fit you. One thing is certainly true, they do look like "clown shoes".
Search and read There's a start for you. http://www.styleforum.net/atype/5/Styleforum_101
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