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These all look dreadful and are not really suitable for an interview. The tan thing should be burned, the double breasted looks what it is, second hand and old and one would not wear a sports jacket to an interview in most trades. Why not buy something decent for interviews rather than relying upon second hand clothes? What do you sit on if you have never had a "suite" before?
White goes with most things but that blue is not suitable for business.
Surely you can distinguish between colours that match or compliment each other or do not?
The photos are dreadful when you are asking for advice but ter1413 provides good advise and you have answered your own question.
Or go see a decent tailor for advice. You do not say what extent of change you would like - people have come here wanting to reduce by two or more sizes. A photograph of you wearing the thing would help as well.
What do you mean by a "Khaki button down", a shirt of that colour I assume? What problem have you made up about it?
Congratulations, you have extremelyrefined taste in clothes and an ability to direct your tailor to meet your intentions.
It will be interesting to see how these fit y7ou - you have not posted a full set since your Graham Brown suit in London - could you do this please? I assume that the flapped watch pocket is their standard in place of the concealed one in the waist band? Do y7ou have back pockets these days or have you stuck with the clean fish tail back?
Boots really are NOT office wear.,
No: it looks what it is - an orphaned coat that has befriended a waist coat. Put both out of their misery.
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