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If you had read so many threads to form this opinion " I'm new to this forum and this site has great stuff! I" Then you would realise that tweed is not remotely a year round cloth and which colours and clothes would meet your perceived needs. You would also have a fair idea about styles etc.
Where is this thread supposed to be going? So far seems to be a waste of time.
This or burn it.
Trousers should have good creases - they look (and by inference the wearer) slovenly without.
What are you doing on this forum if that is your less than helpful first post?
Yes, put the suit out of its misery.
You might be better to burn it - second hand clothes can import these creatures into your wardrobe then......
Why on earth would you want to do this? Have you managed to damage them or have you decided you know better than the manufacturer that they will become damaged?
Does the dragon offer to use its fire power to deal with this suit? It should.
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