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Beware of salesmen, they often pick the most expensive cloth without enquiring into for what his customer s intending his commission to be used for, when he is to wear it etc. Simply because something might be considered good by one person it may be entirely unsuitable for the commission.
Try 'search' often answers your questions although I have not seen them mentioned. Looking for any web site they offer should give you a clue. Laziness is contagious,
You really should not shop on line or on film stars' web sites - start with a place who actually offers a choice before becoming fixated on the impossible to the extent that everything else is substandard.
She really should give you some clue as to wear in the hierarchy of places - formal down to slob houses - she is taking you to avoid some appalling infelicity - evening dress to a slob house would make you a figure of derision and jeans and tee shirt to somewhere formal would kill evening stone dead as you would not get past the threshold - and probably see the dog set upon you.
Far too short, should break on the shoe.
Try buying something that is actually available to you rather than picking something off a web page.
Trousers too short, coat too long - a complete rag: Send it back or burn it.
Absolutely correct, don't even wear a tie in the first place and as for the pullover, that is nonsense, unless you are going to sit in the chiller room, leave that at home as well. Mothers in law should realise that they do not control their families.
It can make a great deal of difference in judging a garment. Suggest you do so and repost, at the moment it looks to be a tawdry rag.
Is this not just a normal way to press trousers - something which I was taught in my youth? I would agree that many probably don't know about given how standards have and continue to slip.
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