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Of course being a different colour is a serious problem. Buy a three piece suit if that is what you want, don't try to change a two piece to something it is not. lapels are a matter for your choice not anyone else - you are going to be seen in it, no one else.
Awful as is normal from this source. Sleeves too short, too tight about the stomach causing the back to billow, shoulders appear to have been made for someone else. Wear it, few will notice or care but go somewhere else next time.
You have no rights whatever. The company from whom you bought this suit no longer exists having collapsed into insolvency two years or so ago (search here). You would be an unsecured creditor if you could prove your claim - for that you will get nothing anyway. Any new company trading as 'Bookster' is namely that. It may have bought the name but it has no responsibility for warranties/problems it did not cause ie it has no duty in law to deal with your claim or that of...
Impress? The Saville Row suit from Maurice Sedwell that you were about to commission.
+1As they are they simply do not fit you.
Ask their manufacturer if they run a repair service.
It is not unusual but you must determine if it is appropriate.
if it makes you happier then do it. I suspect the lapels would need to be recovered if it is not to look entirely false and somewhat of an affectation.
You have answered your own question - JL and M and S.
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