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Shirt and coat sleeves too short.
1) A breast wallet which is a more correct name, is fine if slightly impractical these days. It can only practically reside in an inside breast pocket of a suit coat. Looks good in use but in open plan offices, air-conditioned offices when you remove your coat it can be difficult to carry about rather than abandon it at your desk which is never a good idea. At least a smaller wallet will slip into one of your back pockets. All that said it is a very smart idea as long as...
Bog standard white and shorts would replicate this.
Ask the person who cuts your hair. This Board is about clothes as you may have noticed NOT hair.
Someone else looking to waste his money for no good reason.
I would think so but relevance does this have to anything?
Are you really wanting to display your lack of sartorial knowledge?
You can wear it inside out but you would likely not wish to be thought a fool for so doing, Likewise you would not wear a button down unbuttoned unless you wish to appear to be a scruffy and igmnorant oik.
No, the so-called staining is likely to be dye that has run. Just ignore that unless having a towel with the name 'Versace' on the label - but only known to you - has some bragging rights for which you carve . Frankly no one will be in the slightest impressed or interested so forget it.
Hideous, pure affectation, change for its own sake entirely without merit. That goes for the (faux?) 'throat latch' visible on the collar, that is only associated with sports coats and tweeds to be worn for hunting, shooting or fishing. The buttons too add nothing whatever to the garment.
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