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Only you can decide what fits, they're your feet.
No it does not: the 150 far less useful for the ways of daily life.
What purpose can such an abomination as a "midnight blue tailcoat" tailcoat have. Entirely unsuitable for any formal function unless you conduct the band foregathered: Any Maitre 'de so entirely would simply demonstrate that his establishment was the McDonalds of his trade and not appropriate to be patronised.
Possibly not, have you tried 'Search' to check on any old posts/threads?
Easy maxim; if you have doubts in is more than likely a fake.
Is he some manner of actor or otherwise in the public limelight? If so such things can be one-offs or certainly not on public sale.
Why? Surely the choice is two or none?
None, carry in brief case.
A fishtail back is preferable but does mean that you cannot wear the trousers without braces.
No, you will need to have someone take the photographs, waving your arm in the air obscures the shoulder form.
New Posts  All Forums: