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Go to some bricks and mortar shops and establish what fits, what you like then buy it - do not rely upon other people's preference on a web board,
This limits you because the alternatives are absolutely dire and an even vaguely acceptable suit has never been made for one. Throw away your idealism and live in the real world. No sheep has ever been killed for its wool - in fact it is a kindness to them to shear their wool and prevent them suffering in heat.
What trade or calling? There are vast differences in attire required e.g. Lawyers and marketing etc.
Fake as Handershund suggests. The mouth of the in-breast pocket gives the game away at a glance.
If you have not found anything via Google and you have not had it since new, try that being someone's initial.
Any that fit is the obvious answer to this question. It can be the gold plated best design in the whole world, if it does not fit it is also the worst.
Only you can determine the image that you want to present. It matters not what anyone else might choose.
Naïve questions - are you trying to tell people that they are inferior beings by flaunting your apparent wealth? 'The best' are those which suit you even if the cheapest.
Return them, you do not need their permission.
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