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Far too long to read and comment. What nonsense is this "try to keep this as short as possible,", you have failed miserably. As you are a research scientist, do some here.
It is a sports coat and judging by the image it was not taken recently. Move on from this and find something you like in a shop, trying to model yourself on something from television does not work.
If you want "the perfect suit" then bespoke is the only way to get it - and probably the second one. Content yourself with something that fits and, when you are playing leading roles in something or another go bespoke. No one will notice the difference the acting trade projects itself as very casual save when dressed by someone else for a production.
1980s is merely old and unfashionable not "vintage". No one who appreciates "Fine garments" would think of buying from a second hand shop so find one and donate and rest content with your good works.
This stage is not one for comments, it is one for your cutter to refine your pattern/the cut.
Shorts or cut off jeans are fine and there is absolutely no reason why you cannot wear them
Dreadful - and a black suit as well, even worse. Avoid unless you want to be ridiculed.
It goes on all the time especially on line.
New Posts  All Forums: