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The first one is wrong if those are what Americans call 'Dress Pants' for reasons unknown: Whether of course 45 changes that is an interesting possibility. Chinos must have that style of hem, Jeans have the type of hem with which they are made, most normally in yellow and 'Dress Pants' should have a blind stitch.
Too old; looks to have hard a hard life.
What has your research excluded?
Going to a bespoke tailor will answer all your queries There are a myriad threads which cover these subjects in one manner or another.
Ask them to show you what they have available. The worst thing you can do is be blinkered by suggestions from a web site. "Foundational" that's a new word!
Natural and best regarded as 'patina'. You can try to find something approaching a stain but that is topical and this will, as it is natural, recur. Any attempt to colour it could well have unintended consequences.
These just evidence the pit falls of online purchase for such clothing. These forays almost always end in tears as the manufacturers have finally started realise. However unless you are a skilled judge of cutting, it is nigh impossible to resolve things such as divots by email - even if the maker really knows how to do which is rare. Sweat shop owners in India or China and not cutters/tailors they run sweat shops whose sole purpose is to send out as many finished...
Another good one, boring maybe for some but a good staple in a professional office environment.
Shoulders/back dreadful - large divots, ill fitting and not wonderful at the collar. Sleeves too short. If that is the second attempt I'd return it for refund. Don't be fooled by the alterations allowance, easy to add it on at the front and appear to be generous by giving it back at the end.
New Posts  All Forums: