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Suggest you research this rather ask to be spoon fed. There are more threads than enough on first jobs, graduation and interviews without yet another. You will actually learn more than you can hope to see repeated here.
Terrible pictures, certainly not design for showing the garments. From what little can be seen, all too small and irredeemable.
YOU need to do the home work and visit the bricks and mortar shops - what you actually look like cannot be determined from these words.
Midnight rather than navy odd trousers are fine. So too black but that excites even more opprobrium here.
Charcoal would be OK but I agree with the comment that this one is not a second suit.
Your research does not seem to have led you to innumerable threads on both elements of your question. You refusal top use smaller tailors is silly - in that price band you would be better served that by some factory adjusted block garment.
Two inch cuffs
Don't know the local shopping malls.
Genuine ones will not be cheap although 90% of the price is for the label.
Not really it is an abomination not worthy of comment, there is little right about it.
New Posts  All Forums: