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That URL is to a suit, if you were thinking about buying a suit jacket as blazer forget that silly idea. Suits and casual jackets are quite different and thus to buy the 'wrong' one and create an orphan at birth is quite not a good idea in the slightest.
Doubtless there are differences in production processes but that is quite irrelevant, they are both satisfactory cloths.
It is quite impossible to comment on that suit with that posture. The brown shoes/belt are OK but the notion that you should have a bag (that does not look much like a suit case) to match is nonsense. In general you are over thinking, no one will actually notice your clothes unless you turn up in shorts. You then actually get the job given it suggests something about your character that you are not just another clone.
Assuming that you have not come here as a competitor to deprecate another. A first and lengthy post devoted to a small charlatan tailor of whom there are many around the TST area (those Asian touts near Star Ferry who don't shout "copy watch" ) more than seems strange. All this merely serves to confirm what is so well known, that such charlatans churn out crap and are to be avoided - except perhaps by first time tourists who have no clue whatever. Still, even that...
You would be better served allowing your cutter/tailor offer you a selection after he understands your needs. Cloth selection cannot be rationalised as appears to your assumption. Super 120s is not a measure of quality. It is a reflection of the fineness of wool fibres, Generally the higher number the more difficult to maintain appearance and certainly not suitable for daily use. There are a number of brands, eg Dormeuil, Holland and Sherry, those belonging to...
Photographs would look fine, thin you beard out so that it is not so dominant, That is the major distinction between you are the photograph, the model has a very smart style which exploits the realities very well.
E&R good start. "50 years' history" is utterly irrelevant, the longest established can still churn out trash - and do.
"Everyday" suits. Budget too low, Ted Baker - crap: Quality is not a word know to this enterprise., cheap is however. Present suits, ill-fitting if wearing in the crotch. Should not happen at any time. But if you value Hugo Boss I am sure that a different label might be fine.
Local second hand store maybe? Does not seem to have a ring of quality about it. No other labels?
An evening dress should not be worn before 6pm and should be of two matching parts not separates. I disagree people will notice, any suit (not a piece of furniture - though they would look dire as well if not matched) looks dire and people do see and many will think of you as ill-dressed or a cheap skate or both. It is also an insult to the happy couple - 'Thanks for the invitation, but I have no plans to dress properly for your tawdry little wedding, you're not worth...
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