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Two very odd first posts.....
They are made of leather so why ever not?
Dark jeans would be OK.
What is a "full leg"?
Take your hand out of your pocket for a start, your trousers should not fall down, then take a decent photograph. It looks short - indeed the whole is probably the wrong size for you.
Try the street wear forum - that is better suited to this type of garment.
Yes - with a solid colour suit so that the patterns do not 'fight'.
Can you do some without the coat please to seat the fit of the trousers and waistcoat?
These all look dreadful and are not really suitable for an interview. The tan thing should be burned, the double breasted looks what it is, second hand and old and one would not wear a sports jacket to an interview in most trades. Why not buy something decent for interviews rather than relying upon second hand clothes? What do you sit on if you have never had a "suite" before?
New Posts  All Forums: