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Suiting and coating bother to the cloth.Jacking is jacking off and has nothing to do with cloth whatever.To the class of shop to which you refer, knowledge is not required, quality is a burden of the trade that is best ignored and in fact all that is wanted is a steady stream of saps crossing the threshold to be parted from the money for the tat on offer within.
That page you quote handsomely sums up A Suit that Doesn't Fit. This firm simply has cheap MTM made in sweat shops in the far east. If it cannot even describe its merchandise accurately what price its suits?
You really should not be buying clothes in style A when you prefer B! The thought of this change is sufficient to make me cringe, you will then have a ruined pair of trousers. As you say that this was cheap, throw it way/burn it so that it no longer offends you or else put up with it for the short life it is likely to have.
Your tailor would surely be will to make you in whichever black cloth best goes with the coat. There are so many shades of each that there are good and less go combinations.
Probably all.
Grey is for going to the Races and not a wedding, Stick to black
Poor fit, did you buy them in a bricks and mortar shop or simply take a punt getting the right shoes on line?
Enjoy your trip.
Wise advice as ever.
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