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Too long to read, where is the Executive Summary?
Neither look good but as you will be wearing them, opinions here are irrelevant.
Seems rather a silly and unnecessary question. If not having a watch makes you happy, do so. However don't look for support in this, either you do or you don't and no comments here will make one jot of difference..
Five button holes was a passing fad ten years or so ago. You should have researched this supplier before wasting your money. You would do better to reject it and get your money back (Preferably) or at least have them remake it. Trying to patch it up will not be satisfactory.
Why are you seeking compliments on your choice of footwear? It seems banal and indeed stupid to me.
If that "Black Lapel" rag is typical of their offerings then avoid. It is too short for the model and the trousers defy polite description.
I cannot think of a normal circumstance in which your basic premise would materialise. Unless you are wading through water you will hardly suffer in the manner you claim. Stop overthinking something that will not happen.
No you should not: I would be even harder on them - not with a suit in any circumstances.
NO, your list looks pretty comprehensive: I think that restricting the inner pockets to two is a good idea, something I am trying and may well select for my next suits. It helps the drape immeasurably as the weight and possible bulges are avoided.
New Posts  All Forums: