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You should not be fooled by photographs - the celebrity is GIVEN the garment in return for the photograph. They have no clue nor less care about what they have received for nothing. No self respecting tailor should have let this out of his work room, still less say it is good. Either go back and throw your weight around or give it up as a bad job, the choice is yours.
The back is dreadful.
Those who turn up from nowhere to ask questions about obscure topics harbour an insecurity about the topic they raise: If you want one, get one, it matters not what anyone else thinks....
Search to see if that tailor has been mentioned, it does not ring any bells. If you are obsessed thus, you need a GOOD tailor such a Gordon Yao, he will do CMT though I am not sure why you would want to. Four days is far too short given that there is 70 hours of work in a decent bespoke suit, you might just get to the forward fitting if you are will to forsake the baste fitting (not recommended) but it will have to be shipped to you.
Far too many to be confident you will get the result you want. If 'Search' does not reveal comments on this tailor then you are on your own and given the general reputation of tailors in this place, I don't envy that choice. How it will look on you or in your chosen use cannot be determined as no one has a clue on either. Not offering full canvas sums them up as somewhere to be avoided. Who wove the cloth? Be sure of getting what you think you have asked for, the dangers...
If you want one, get one. Don't seek to justify your choice with this discourse.
As you asked....Take yourself to the local outsize shops and see what fits, rather than expect everyone to do the job for you. You know what you want, when you want to wear it and what (little) you want to pay, no one else can guess.
Probably not, the name of the vendor sums it up.
Sell it but also learn to put your clothes away and not eave them strewn around the floor. That dies them no good at all.
New Posts  All Forums: