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Entirely for you to decide how to interpret this silly fashion. You could wear trousers redolent of culottes or anything down to giving the appearance of them simply not fitting properly.
Has there not been a thread on this subject of late which might help you more than hoping the same comments would be made again in short order.
The tail coat must be black, any other is solely for going to the Races - The Royal Enclosure next week is a good example for you. The trousers should be one of the customary grey striped cloths which go so well in a morning dress. The top hat for a wedding should be black, grey again for the races. How many times have you seen a member of the Royal Family or other senior members of Government etc wearing a grey top hat at the Abbey or St Pauls? None, so don't...
If you are flexible about the brand, there are some very nice suit lengths available - most from decent well known firms.
Look round the shops/Google that type of shoe should help you.
Disagree entirely - cheap wallets may, decent ones do not.
I have a Launer bill fold style wallet and that is 17 years old and gives no concerns whatever about longevity. I suspect that a further 17 years is more than likely. During this time it has lived in one back pocket or the other with no degradation whatever. Are some using cheap nasty wallets rather than decent quality one wonders
Interesting, thanks.Out of curiosity, why did you have the trousers made elsewhere? An unusual approach.
Hardly an adequate budget for that level of demand. You will either need to find more money or settle for less, I reckon.
It would be interesting to see how the inside of the various jackets are finished and the front and rear of the trousers without the you wearing the jackets. A new tailor on this Board I think.
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