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You should look more closely, there are three long posts detailing my experiences where people were interested to read them and deal of others!I don't do fools gladly I agree, that's not how businesses are built or much else for that matter. The trouble with many posts is that people don't think; "which is the best". the answer will always be 'the one you like and can afford'. No one else is going to be seen in it, dead or alive so you must answer your own question....
OK, your reports on them?
Not in the slightest, all salesmen would tell you that their goods are the best possible in the world. Sales speak proves nothing whatever, objective consumer reports might..As to anger, how do you deduce that?
A "parka", no reputable tailor would entertain such a thing unless you are confusing it with something else.
They make a terrible smell when burning I understand. I never wear shoes as such and prefer mocs with no socks. That's just me like it or loath it which doubtless you do.
jonathanS' answer is the correct one! You don't state where you live despite having edited your question: I've certainly hired my crystal ball, tarot cards and Ouija board for the day and, sadly, I'm not blessed with the skills of a clairvoyant. I really cannot see what you have to complain out about receiving such an answer but If what you mean is that you are looking for the cheapskate approach, you might find second hand ones on FleeBay. Alternately try our old...
If you want to bespeak any garment you should buy whichever cloth you prefer: That is the "best" cloth for you, there is no technical difference between them AS to which cutter you'd be well advised to talk to each and establish how comfortable, if at all, they are taking on your requirements as these are not exactly commonplace. Think also about Maurice Sedwell, Andrew Ramroop does cut some more flamboyant styles.
How wrong can you be, assumptions are the worst form of management known to thinking man. For your enlightenment, my tiny screen is one of two 27" iMACs on my desk and I had bear feet because I was at home.Next time don't grab at any silly thought that passes through your head, such action tends to make you appear a fool, which I suspect you might not be..
Nylon, what on earth do you that for? It's an insult to even the worst MTM establishment in the land. Why also try to buy it before you go, they may well have refuse to do CMT. Buying a "few metres" seems an odd way to buy cloth anyway.
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