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and burn the suit on New Years Day, yes that would work.
Don't bother, by this token it will end in certain disaster, if you ever get started.
No: A dreadful looking thing, send it back.
Don't bother at that price.
+1Douse well with suitable accelerant first though.
'Search' don't bump.
Whilst all on line tailoring is poor, what competitor do you work for? Anyone who turns up here and posts an extensive rant as a first postcannot be believed.
If he really thinks that a two day course is sufficient to learn the skills, he must be up to his old tricks again. I would not want a suit made by any of this lot of ill-trained individuals.
MTM but go to a bricks and mortar shop and do not try your luck with on line.
cptjeff is absolutely right. And by the way it is costume not a suit - mercifully.
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