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Why bother it is a hideous looking thing of minimal quality. If you MUST have it then ask TH who stocks it, you'll find no love for such junk here.
Reduce your post by 2/3s would encourage more to read it. You should have more confidence in yourself by now.
Not an attractive colour - reminds me of what we wore in the 1970s let alone 1980s!
Whilst it was not too long, I felt that you do not know the range of reasonable answers for which you asked questions and gave up because it would effectively have been incorrect. Suggest learn about your subject before claiming to write a meaningful dissertation in future.
Very powerfully attired may I say.
Pressing will cure the creasing but I question the pre-owned ie second hand as a principle and buying on the internet can be fraught with dangers on fit.
I would class them as orphaned suit jackets - whether or not trousers exist with them here. They have all the appearance, pin stripes and suggest this vendor is simply using cheap cloth and an existing block to create jackets which will fool the multitudes - at the prices.
I doubt anyone will even notice so don't worry: You should not be showing them anyway.
No label on view which is questionable and too cheap. If you like it buy, but if you really want Burberry then avoid.
Try a cobbler, it is difficult to see why the fancy part is detached - they presumably are not expensive shoes such that the manufacturer might help?
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