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Trousers with back pockets look better in double jet (piped in HK) format with button/hole on both.
Flaps to the back pockets your choice I assume?
Difficult to see it but: Coat too long Coat a little too tight Coat sleeves, a gnats too long Trousers a lot too long. Something going for it so not the fire, but a much remediation, Arguably it goes back as shortening the coat is really a no-no and makes the whole ensemble look bad.
Advice - soften your approach, when in Rome do as the Romans do. Unless you are the Laird, squire such apparel simply says that I am better than you peasant! That resolves you shoe problem and so trainers are your choice.
On a scarecrow or waiting to be put on a bonfire?
Can you give it back to its vendor, a decent fire would be the correct option for it. Therein is the problem with buying second hand clothes especially if you do not know what you are doing and have to ask post facto.
The first one is wrong if those are what Americans call 'Dress Pants' for reasons unknown: Whether of course 45 changes that is an interesting possibility. Chinos must have that style of hem, Jeans have the type of hem with which they are made, most normally in yellow and 'Dress Pants' should have a blind stitch.
Too old; looks to have hard a hard life.
What has your research excluded?
Going to a bespoke tailor will answer all your queries There are a myriad threads which cover these subjects in one manner or another.
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