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Don't overthink this but 8 x8" is merely cheap rubbish using "standard" as a mask
Search, this is the second similar thread today.
I would have thought that any adult would know when clothes are no longer fit for use because they are worn, faded, hideously out of fashion ( and should probably not have been bought in the first place). What do you mean by rumpled? Beyond ironing? If so just burn them, why would anyone else want them?
As your company has a tent, what is its suggestion for its staff - that is more important than opinion here. If your chairman is going and wearing jeans, you would, I am sure, not want to out dress him or if he is wearing a suit, I am equally sure that you want not want to dress like a tramp.
Yet another wedding thread. Can you not research wedding, graduation, interview suits, they will tell you all you need to know and far more than you will get here in a new thread.
I doubt it matters if you are going wear shoes in all the colours of the rainbow.
Whatever you like or perhaps one red and one blue shoe, tee shirt, crimson tie.
That is a female coat. Are you?
They are not big enough... Chop your toes off and they will; be fine.
Suggest you research this rather ask to be spoon fed. There are more threads than enough on first jobs, graduation and interviews without yet another. You will actually learn more than you can hope to see repeated here.
New Posts  All Forums: