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That would be good, leave this one for sensible discussion.
Not really possible to work out where this thread is going - except to page 2 with luck.
Cords should be wrinkled. They are a casual country trouser for which a 'lived in' appearance is absolutely correct.
Stupid way to buy anything - that site is so gross as to be worthless.
3-5 >4"
Burn the black suit would be a good start. Horrendous colour to have in your wardrobe. Then get a few suit and appropriate silk tie/pocket square and tie. NB square and tie should not be from the same piece of silk.
Label shopping?
You buy what fits, not what the label says. Go to a bricks and mortar shop and don't be idle.
If they are second hand then forget them. If you can't trust what he says that he cannot be much of a friend.
Fit and comfort are the two key tests.
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