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English cut as a bespoke tailor is OK but Tom Mahon can be an acquired taste, his former partner Edwin de Boise offers something similar and has the support of his son. I doubt that he would see you for M2M. Who undertakes this activity has not emerged to my knowledge, presumably he has someone who has stayed with him beyond a short period. I doubt that he would put his name and reputation to something poor though. A Suit that Fits is not good at all. I do know someone...
Merchant selling bits and pieces left over. Be wary as it might well deploy more than one bolt of cloth to meet an order
Your premise is a nonsense, no craftsman will get near any expensive item bought of a shelf, the manufacture will be done using a mix of computer controlled mass production equipment such a laser cutters and sewn together by low skilled machinists. The only question to answer is whether the factory is in a high wage economy with a potentially higher level of supervision and marginally better conditions rather than a low wage economy. Even Savile Row houses use machinists...
Why not just buy this one?
Bare feet
At that price go to a few shops and see what each is giving away or Google the subject, I doubt many people would set such a low budget.
Do you also do water into wine?
Suit, $500, label $1000. Let people be parted from their money if that is what they want.
or anywhere else in the world.
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