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You will only get rubbish this way, but do try it.
Quite normal, you feet flex and so does anything you put on them.
This is far too effusive to be real. How much is he paying you to post this lot?
Wear whatever you have, at sixteen no one will expect you to have a big wardrobe.
Well that's a constructive contribution. Or is it merely intended to increase your post count?
A bespoke tailor will, within reason, make the style you want although you might move out of the comfort zone of some with ultra modern styles.
Peak lapels are a matter of preference, "flashy" is not relevant. They would be fine for a funeral.
Navy, grey both fine. Forget all the old fashion nonsense about black for funerals.
Why should anyone offer a discount - what separates subscription to a public web board from the norm to even justify the thought?
That look is simply boring, the jacket looks like an orphaned suit jacket and the trousers are too close a match. Start again.
New Posts  All Forums: