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What earthly use would these be to the average reader?
Stebbin is correct, on line is simply a waste of your money. Don't be fooled by road shows, go to a bricks and mortar store.
You are extremely impatient. Somewhere, were you to self help and use search, you will find an opinion supported by images suggesting that this source is crap MTM.
I rather think that you are imagining that- the pocket represents a cut in the fabric so I rather suspect that new front panels were made.
How had you expected them to "they did not lower the pockets with it,"? That is an impossibility. Put it down to experience and burn it.
then burn it. Far too cheap to effect a decent alteration.
Compromise? Indeed so, a member of the band.
I've seen worse.
Rubbish fit only to burn.
That is a waiters uniform rather than a respectable evening garment. Take it back. The only blue for the evening should be midnight blue.
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