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As a student you need to understand that research, research and research answers your questions. Especially so as a law student where you need to understand primary legislation, regulations and case law.
+1. He only will know what he has done and how to reverse it.
Are the so-called benefits really that or is this just an attempt to con people? Pure new wool remains the choice by far.
It is a compromise. The very best are for those who are wealthy or would like others to believe that they are: You need a middle of the road, wool or cotton sock, no polyester or its ilk.
Can't be seen properly. Get someone else to take a decent photograph.
Whatever floats your boat - some look pretty dreadful.
This makes much sense - the OP's notion that laces need to be hidden is simply barmy.
Nothing at all wrong with pleats. Polyester is a disaster though.
Dreadful but try having it pressed properly if it persists then you go back to the manufacturer (it is MTM and factory made) or else you do have a lemon. Arguably few will notice though.
This is right but NEVER wear a white with evening dress: If the occasion demands white tie (unlikely for a wedding) then it is the full fig, if 'tuxedo, a black bow tie is needed. Here you need to learn more of the expectations of your hosts and certainly do not try to stand out given that you are merely peripheral guests however warm the reception you will get in the spirit of hospitality and generous hosts.
New Posts  All Forums: