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An interesting epistle but the sole reason is their offer is 1980s in a fast moving world. Digital presence ? How many times have they been discussed here - not a lot.
Unless you are the turn at a function when a purple suit is fine, a tie/pocket square is the best way. Just go to some shops to look and don't expect it to be served up to you at a computer desk.
Size is your choice but you should wear anything you like under it which fits the moment. If is cold then a pullover, if you want to wear a pullover, wear it and so on.
Wear what you have perfectly acceptable. The idea of having to match your partner is just stupid.
This is pure obsession and utterly unnecessary. No one will take the slightest notice of this and if you turn this the way you appear to be going heaven help you when something that matters arising. Forget it and get on with your life.
Does the distinction, if any, actually matter?
If you like them, they fit, get them. Enjoy the label.
Not really, too similar and as for white trousers with that coat, have another go!
Carry on wearing them, nothing better that such shoes for informal occasions.
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