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Sam Hober
If that is your idea of a well-fitting suit, even for leisure, good luck to you, any rag manufacturer would have something to suit you.
To make it worse than a simple orphan, it appears to have been shortened (Sleeves and length) and therefore is out of balance. Not a flattering garment coupling that to its hideous lapels. Fit for burning as its owner probably recognised when offering it for sale.
"Purchased it several years ago for a pretty penny and just never had chance to wear". Seems perverse if it was that expensive. It does not look to be something that one would buy now: Quite old fashioned really. Surely such things would be on the label even if not thus called?
I appreciate that it is a little obscure to use but Google is your friend. However to save you the burden:Textile abbreviationsCA AcetateCO CottonCTA TriacetateCU CuproCV ViscoseEA ElastaneEL ElastodieneHF HempHR Cattle hairHS Horse hairHZ Goat hairJU JuteLI LinenPA PolyamidPAN PolyacrylicPE PolyethylenePES PolyesterPP PolypropylenRA RamieSE SilkWA AngoraWG VicugnaWK CamelWM ...
You should go to a bricks and mortar shop and buy there. Every manufacturer works in a different way, using its own lasts, materials and methods and for many people X does not equal Y. Leather soles are more appropriate for business although these days some type of rubber soled shoe such as ECCOs are acceptable in some sectors. In law and higher end accountancy leather is needed. Rubber cannot breath and so can be less good for some than leather - I would suspect...
You would be better advised to use the correct term - 'cloth' if searching. "suiting wool" is not a term which will be recognised by most search engines or indeed suppliers. Wool is the raw material not the product.
It looks awful and certainly has no place in business if that was your intent: if it is intended to leisure use, surely there are more appropriate places you could ask?. Comparing it to Cecil the Lion is merely a piece of crude opportunism in poor taste by the manufacturer - especially given the nationality of the idiot that shot the poor Lion.
You are speaking of different materials used in manufacture which can behave differently as well as different manufacturing methods which introduce another tolerance. It will never be possible to make shoes to the precision you carve in view of these. If you are at all familiar with engineering drawings you will know that there is always a plus/minus tolerance stated, however tight to allow for such things.
Shoes should fit their owner comfortably - being a combination of last and your feet. There is no measurement to define this.
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