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Pass on it if there is not enough for a suit.
Tweed is perfectly acceptable in the City - on a Friday afternoon before you depart to your country estate for the weekend. Otherwise not.
Try the Streetwear forum - such things not approved here generally.
Just a bad idea.
Far too square: You are right, get rid of them.
You will need to go three times if the finished garment is sent on, four if not. By all means get the shorts at the same time, Ascot Chiang is better than Chan for shirts, you can meet them at the Peninsular Hotel so not far from Chan. Open neck has little to do with suit but wear a proper short and shoes not tee short and trainers for fittings. Preferable to get the first suit by itself then muiltiple suits later although with fittings you may well be OK.
No problem with that at all. Good luck
That looks fine, judgement on the individual is at least important as some one size fits all rule of thumb.
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