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Out of curiosity, where are these "50 pages" of style guide. I assume that you are having MTM and so you would be best placed taking a photograph of what you think you want: However MTM is about altering standard blocks to fit you, not your specifying the style so your chosen supplier may not have access. Only Tom Ford makes 'Tom Ford' designs although some might copy it. Hong Kong bespoke makers are best at that. It is a while since I dragged this out here so here is a...
The tie is fine and a pocket square, white not necessary. The suit is fine for a prom but burn it afterwards: It has some hideous features and scarce fits you.
Yet again this question is asked, do students not know how to conduct research these days? Charcoal or dark blue. Vests are unnecessary these days and you MUST have a CLEAN shirt EVERY day..
Then you are stuck. They must either be altered or else you go MTM in future. Little or no point in the thread if you have no money to action any advice.
Fit and fit again is correct, quality is vital but the best garment needs to fit as well.
Elderly professors (mad or otherwise, with or without cord trousers) senior partners in law or accountancy firms, waiters, members of the band at functions might well elect to do so: Those in evening dress must do so. For the rest then it is an affectation which will yield no benefit and may make them look strange.
Why on earth are you taking any notice of such people and creating a thread of it? You are being naïve in the extreme to link ill-dressed politicians with "power dressing", if indeed such a concept should be a goal of a well-dressed man. Study a little, learn a lot.
I agree but, if you ask for comments then you must be prepared for that to happen.
It was pretty awful before and was certainly an orphaned suit coat, you have now turned it into an abomination fit only for burning, a kindness to both you are this rag.
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