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Two roll one; quite a normal alternative but an acquired taste.
A fool's money is just as good as that of anyone else.
Try somewhere else with these, you will find slightly less than one taker for these abominations here.
What on earth is this for? It's absolutely barmy to think that a grown man cannot put on or take off his clothes. Even those I know with arthritis can manage and would be offended to be thought of as needing help in this way. Most people try very successfully to retain their complete independence, and take great pride in achieving this; that goes to the very heart of them ensuring they retain their self respect..
Advertising puff.
Any you like.
but not to justify having an out-moded garment in one's wardrobe.
Anything you like but too formal to go with shorts, chinos and jeans fine.
How many funerals does someone have to go to for them to be relevant? Black is a colour which is very often specifically ruled out at funerals in the twenty first century.
New Posts  All Forums: