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Yes, put the suit out of its misery.
You might be better to burn it - second hand clothes can import these creatures into your wardrobe then......
Why on earth would you want to do this? Have you managed to damage them or have you decided you know better than the manufacturer that they will become damaged?
Does the dragon offer to use its fire power to deal with this suit? It should.
Consider 'The Cad and the Dandy' in London - there have been good reports of this firm.
I have some suits with two pairs, more normally now I would have one pair with braces, one with belt.
The Mafioso rarely wish to be identified.
Wear whatever (or nothing) you want. It matters not to anyone else. It does not even register on a formality scale
You need to spend far more than that so that when it looks older its quality shows through such that people do not think of it as some old suit which is neither fashionable nor something to be cherished. YOU will also need to have become an academic to get away with such a thing in a business world. If you don 't it will do you no good whatever in the eyes of those you might hope to influence. Rethink your basic premise.
Get rid of the tie, completely wrong - the suit does not look so wonderful that "accessorising" it would be of benefit.
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