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If YOU like it, wear it. No one else will have to. Suit not suite by the way.
Burn them - they look awful.
This group is concerned with clothes not hair which you could have easily discovered: Try somewhere else.
Suit trousers should be pressed regularly, leave the coat well alone - and take ter1413's advice too heart - absolutely correct.
The one that fits you - if you must buy it.
This is a suit and the coat will always look like an orphan if you insist on trying to match it with the wrong trousers. Stop wasting your time.
Seems a silly idea.
Yes, it is time you learned to dress yourself.
Its OK but with that audience style does have a bearing. The pocket flaps suggest that it is hideously modern.
Suit not suite and photographs needed, fit is all that matters these days so....
New Posts  All Forums: