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Sounds fine to me.
Who notices belts of any colour?
Two is excessive - there really is no reason why a brief case should be treated as if it were a belt or pair of trousers' and thus be coloured matched.
If you want to, it is not unlawful.
No problem wearing brogues.
At Cambridge it will be nigh essential to have evening dress. ignore comments from Hong Kong, our senior Universities, Cambridge, Oxford, Durham and one or two others it is expected. A dark lounge suit would not cut it, if you were not refused admission you would feel stupid. Chobochobo is absolutely wrong. NB I speak from experience: So that said: Your suggestions for the evening dress it self are fine, but no flaps to the pockets or having them picked out in silk or...
You have what you ordered and paid for, so stop complaining about that. Repent at leisure. It was a pretty dumb choice for a wedding unless it is a beach setting but you could make the best of it, lots of flowers etc and have your guests come in something similar - an informal setting is quite achievable if you try: It might well be remembered in years to come as very distinctive wedding in the kindest of ways.
MTM trousers follow the same approach as suits but any decent tailor will have cloths better suited to trousers than suits. Just the same as much cloth for sports coats does not make good suits. How gracious of you in your support "--I enjoy supporting the little guy when I can."
Google is usually very helpful in such instances so I have done that to save you the bother: "is a goat that is a cross between a cashmere goat and an angora goat." Describe that as you will.
Not really benefitted from the money spent - good after bad really. The trousers look might odd and from the front view a tad too short. Side pockets billowing. You should just wear the thing and burn it when you feel you have had your money's worth: As I said earlier few will notice.
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