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It will be interesting to compare this with your Chan suit. 14/15oz is a very good weight and so with your skills it should be good.
Why has this been moved here? Better placed where it came from.
Some of the worst are those on Saville Row - always worth examining the finish of the inside of the coat to judge the finishing.
Mercifully not. We seem to have a lot of newbies this evening asking silly questions.
A decent bonfire would be a good accompaniment.
If the organiser says "suits and ties" there is your dress code. What is difficult about that and certainly don't look like the odd man out showing off an evening dress when it is not required.
Get your money back or burn it - then never try to get anything made online again.
Another fine garment, you certainly have an eye for getting the best out of your selected tailors/cutters.
Is this serious? Surely he can dress himself and in any event he should look at his peers and follow their lead.
Why is it that so many people here do not know the good and bad shops in their locale? It is a recurrent theme of many newcomers.
New Posts  All Forums: