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They will be cheap nasty shoes if this is right: Note that the store advertising them called itself "Thrift Store" and the surrounding advertisements were about discounted items.I doubt he has done you any favours (unless you did not have any shoes) and it is to be hoped that you did not give much for them.
The one that fits.
+1Crap any way so just wear it.
"I'm going to Hong Kong next week and have about 3 jackets I need to alter." If you are going to do it yourself why take up your meagre baggage allowance carting garments all that way?
Where do people get such silly notions? No, you could not be more wrong.Take care, pick stitching should be done by hand and therefore be irregular. It is something else that factories try to imitate using a machine and a good way to pick factory product out.
Midnight blue - capable of being both formal and informal.
Far too big to be elegant or fit your face but probably fashionable. The two rarely mix.
It entirely depends what is appropriate in your office given your position, be it high or low. I would guess if you do business with the government regularly, attire on those occasions is prescribed.
Don't like the look of the labels.
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