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I really do think that you are making something out of nothing and wasting everyone's time. I am not sure if you are naïve or this is The suit is crap and I really do not see why you want to burn money on it - each to his own though. It will not impress anyone bar a vagrant. The shirt/tie are extra as is made clear and the mere fact that the model is wearing it does not suggest it is in the sale: That is for a SUIT. It is not normal to get shirt/tie/socks/underwear...
Are these questions genuine? Or are they There is no right or wrong, if he wants to wear a tie sometimes the young man can choose to do so. As part of his education in dressing he is old enough to learn that certain functions merit a tie but that is as far as it goes.
Rather an odd question as I understand the style of dress for any such place is both obvious and self policing. So as Depsos says, what is this about? I really do not understand why it matters, I gather going to such places regularly, singing and muttering incantations is the objective to be judged 'good', so quite how dress affects that is beyond me. He is also old enough to determine if he wants to go to church or not - he is not a prop for parents to display for...
That is why I avoid dry cleaning unless desperate. The average dry cleaner does not know his job and takes little or no care with the garments through ignorance and desire for profit.
We'll ignore this as you are new and purely by chance have found such an obscure subject as this which reflects your interests....
Sleeves too short, coat too long etc. Take it back and go to a bricks and mortar shop - you will likely repeat this with on line tailors and become part of the vast number whose money was wasted due to on-going fit problems.
Difficult as fit depends on the body the garment has to cover, not measurements in themselves. Suggest read older posts/threads rather than pursue this.
All designer labels are vastly overpriced.
Vulgar in the extreme. Just lurk for a while and do not get such strange ideas.
You offer some curious views. Go somewhere else, this thing is irredeemable, I hope it was cheap and not made of the sacking that it appears to consist. Let decent tailor make the second suit - not yourself.
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