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If you have to ask, then probably not.
Is anyone aware of a bespoke tie manufacturer of the undoubted quality of Sam Hober but who has a more adventurous pattern book, geared to the European market rather than the more staid US equivalent? I have many Hober ties but really do need to mix some bolder patterns into my collection.
The sleeves are ridiculously short, other wise fit is quite reasonable for RTW. That said the SS website shows that disastrous way on its model and follows up with a bull shit description of its chosen shoulder style for this week being considered more formal. That is utter rubbish, would Anderson and Shepherd and others such as Hitchcock and English Cut still be in business if their 'soft' shoulder style was inferior? No SS is simply spinning to reel in the man in the...
Grahame Brown does not have a good name in certain quarters. However even if you want a 'budget' tailor the process of choosing one is the same; visit 2 or 3 and then pick the one whose demeanour etc. best suits you. The relationship between client and tailor is a personal one and what is right for one person may be a disaster for another.
As has been posted times over most garments worn by so-called actors in any film or television programme are 'costume' are may well be unique. You will not be able to buy these anywhere in most cases as you are finding.
The Canali is probably the better looking thing but there is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing a style of overcoat which may not be what shop keepers would like to sell you this week, it will be different to that they offer next week. Everyone realises that a top coat does not get worn over much and it is sign of having bought a decent one that you should be wearing the same top coat in twenty years time. Buy whatever you like now but don't equate top coats to suits...
I am not aware that you will get these from a Hong Kong tailor.
If the vendor cannot produce these, then they will be fake. No genuine vendor would be without these.
Never try to shorten the coat of ANY suit Think, the side pockets and their relationship with the bottom. The balance would lost and it will simply look dreadful.
Take them to the cobbler you are over thinking this.
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