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Quantity and quality do not go together....
You are totally over thing this with the resultant nonsense. In the twenty first century you should wear whatever you feel comfortable in and that which is appropriate for the occasion, Thus do not wear evening dress on the beach and do not wear a tee shirt to a ball, the other way round fine!
That photograph shows absolutely nothing. If you have been lurking you would know that the image needs to be of you standing up, hands by your side and not in front of a table.
Avoid 'A suit that fits'. They frequently don't and it is just very basic MTM made in a sweat shop in Asia. The Edinburgh man seems a good bet at face value, Mahon I good but does not fit your budget.
Omega Constellation.
Any bespoke tailor would accommodate you.
Quite obviously "there's a chance" but the only way to ascertain that is to ask directly not here.
I'd advise burning the blazer - peacock blue will give the impression that you are a member of the band hired to play.
Anything on eBay should be avoided. It is hardly a revered outlet for clothes for anyone and most if not all of the merchandise is being dumped because it will not sell in any respectable outlet.
"New without tags"? Dream on.
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