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Local second hand store maybe? Does not seem to have a ring of quality about it. No other labels?
An evening dress should not be worn before 6pm and should be of two matching parts not separates. I disagree people will notice, any suit (not a piece of furniture - though they would look dire as well if not matched) looks dire and people do see and many will think of you as ill-dressed or a cheap skate or both. It is also an insult to the happy couple - 'Thanks for the invitation, but I have no plans to dress properly for your tawdry little wedding, you're not worth...
So no different from wearing a suit made from 8oz fabric with 6" of snow on the ground then?
I would certainly class it as a silly rule entirely without merit. A well cut/fitting flannel suit is perfectly acceptable. Why wouldn't it be?Having interviewed countless people over the years I would certainly not take exception in the slightest. Have suit, wear it!
Second hand junk, You will never find a coat to match it.
Assuming it fits and you like it, it will be fine. Trews (usually tartan) are fine/quite acceptable for the Scots but that is it. For all others it is stupid and is merely affectation.
Poor quality - labels do not imply quality in the slightest.
Aimies is long dead so this is just another label you are buying. There is no control over quality as the label implies, so buy it if you like it but don't expect it to be a mark of any particular quality. It is probably a bottom end rag.
Go buy it. +1
Get a normal evening dress. For most functions you would look like something of an idiot in such a thing. Fine if the function is at your home or if you are the Chairman of your company or other eccentric, not fine other wise.
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