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"New without tags"? Dream on.
As a student you need to understand that research, research and research answers your questions. Especially so as a law student where you need to understand primary legislation, regulations and case law.
+1. He only will know what he has done and how to reverse it.
Are the so-called benefits really that or is this just an attempt to con people? Pure new wool remains the choice by far.
It is a compromise. The very best are for those who are wealthy or would like others to believe that they are: You need a middle of the road, wool or cotton sock, no polyester or its ilk.
Can't be seen properly. Get someone else to take a decent photograph.
Whatever floats your boat - some look pretty dreadful.
This makes much sense - the OP's notion that laces need to be hidden is simply barmy.
Nothing at all wrong with pleats. Polyester is a disaster though.
Dreadful but try having it pressed properly if it persists then you go back to the manufacturer (it is MTM and factory made) or else you do have a lemon. Arguably few will notice though.
New Posts  All Forums: