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Get on with life and cease being paranoid/anal, little good comes of either.
Try the Cad and the Dandy, I've seem some good reports about them and they are well within your budget. Avoid such clowns as a 'A suit that fits', (they rarely do), Norton and Townsend or ANY on-line tailor - their offerings are even less likely to fit than 'A suit that doesn't fit'. As to evening dress, surely a lounge suit will be of greater utility to you - if needs be hire an evening dress until you have 3/4 decent suits. It is difficult to speak about "local...
Rather than flounder about using words to determine what may or may not fit you, go to some bricks and mortar shops and try some suits from different manufacturers. Then you might just realise that the cut of the garment is even more relevant to fit than any numbers on a tag.
Get rid of it - fast
No, burn it and start again.
Why ask if you do not want to pick up the tab?
Try the Street Wear and Denim Forum. Such things are at home there but not here.
Stick with what you are doing, make sure that they are clean and well presented. If that is the market you can afford then no one will think the worse of you.
Just hang them up for a few days, possibly in your wet room when taking a shower and the creases will fall out naturally. Have you never had trousers which have creases about the knee or crotch? They cannot be described as "ruined" can they?
Have you tried 'Search'? That would probably give you your answer. It is probably no.
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