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Dreadful, which charlatan let those escape from his work room scrap box?
May the thread rest in peace.
Black is the last colour you need in a wardrobe.
No image. However if you really need to ask on a web board then the answer is probably not.
Few here will appreciate a black suit or such travesty of a cut but each to his own.
If you don't feel it is right, the place to go is the tailor's shop NOT a web board. No words here will ever straighten as no one here is possessed with such powers.
Really it is for you to decide how you want it to fit: Some like a tight fitting shirt, others any point up to the opposite extreme. You take your choice. Simply copying the measurements will neither replicate this one nor entirely guarantee any fit as the makers style may differ and/or the block adjustments that are made affect the outcome - that is where fittings come in. I am sorry to disappoint you, but there is more to it than simply the measurements,
MTM, the thing is hideous but I am sure that you can find some sap to make you one. Other than that trudge around the shopping malls.
Look how it is pulling from the buttons and the wearer's right breast area shows a lump characteristic of an over filled pocket,
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