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Stick with cotton, this combination of plastics will certainly not do you any favours. In any event two years is a decent life for things of this quality. Better still do without them altogether, no need for them these days.
Too long a diatribe and quite impenetrable.
Clothes are a good start. More seriously look about you and see what your peers/staff wear - that is your cue. If however you are a somewhat older person, the crumpled look is quite normal.
A suit cannot be judged with bare feet - discard all the comments made - they have no foundation in reality - and start again,
Good morning; no' your GF's photography is fine and a few photographs showing Chan's work would be good, fit of the trousers front and rear and the full inside of the coat especially.Surprised you say that of Gordon Yao. I had him make me another two suits when I was in HK earlier in the year and there was certainly no difference to those he has made for me over the last 18 years or so. I recognised his tailor when he came over to look at the fittings and Peter Pak was...
Another one, pull them off what precisely?
Pull them off what precisely?
Just avoid the temptation to buy on line, the path is littered with dreadful results.
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