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Jeans, tee-shirt and JBs probably the norm nowadays.
Professional liar who wanted to try the thing on, upon finding it does not fit using lies to justify a return. Tell him to go forth and multiply.
Sounds as good as it gets.
They are seconds. So you either lump them or buy full price shoes in future. Its unlikely these would fall apart if that is your concern and neither is this visible.
I am not a salesman
What is this to do with clothes?
They have long done that but neither have I any plans to do so.
Ignore them is best. You should not minutely examine and worry about everything you see.
They will make the shirts for you, no need to go into the work room yourself.They don't do such things as a "discount code". They are the top of the range shirt manufacturer and clients do not expect such things although established clients may have some benefits.
What nonsense
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