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Raise by email first. Surprised that they made only one for you, the minimum order is three....
You're wearing it, toss a coin and select your preferred one. Then come back and write about your disaster with on line MTM.
Having seen the names |Raja and Sam's this is not a plan for anything but disaster - Raja runs sweats shops and tours the world selling crap, Sam's snares tourists to sell them junk. Search for the Hong Kong Tailor's thread and read that. $3000 is not enough for your plan if you want anything decent - MTM to the lower end at best.
M and S is good value for money RTW but Cad and Dandy TM is good, here is a review if you scroll down.http://thestudenttailor.blogspot.co.uk/search?updated-max=2014-03-29T19:55:00Z&max-results=7
No sign of a London branch via that link.
Newbies are really showing off some dreadful things tonight. Ought to read first.
Another abomination, please put a note in the header next time you wish to exhibit such a thing - or preferably, don't exhibit, keep it to yourself.
As fine an example of how not to dress as I can imagine. An utter abomination
Unlikely to be suitable but what position and way type of company?
Stupid idea
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