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Worth nothing. Second hand clothes do not appreciate in value. Simply because you are fool enough to part with $8 is nothing - burn it.,
What is your experience of knocking on doors to date?
How gracious of you to permit photographs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!You can learn to use .search'.
Black or dark brown NOT navy.
You have very little knowledge of the UK and some of your research is weak. How would the Scots or Welsh respond? You also need to be aware that the Chinese already do sell bespoke items in the UK - either visiting or else some shops are a front for it.
If you post this in the appropriate thread with pictures meeting the suggested range you will get better answers.
Have your tailor make you some Plus Fours.
Are you making a habit of attending funerals or taking the cloth? If not, forget black The take yourself to some bricks and mortar shops and find what fits best to minimise alterations. Don't get hung up about labels or makes, get something that fits, at that price you should be well clear of the rubbish in the market place.
It is quality that matters not such fripperies as how it is made. Machine stitch is likely to be stronger and is used by many of those making high quality items such as Launer.
New Posts  All Forums: