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Silk knots Ok with jeans but the principle is very weak.
Whatever you prefer is the best advice.
I have seen some of his work somewhere on line, he does appear to be good but a great shame that he cannot make a living in NYC.
Leave them to dry naturally, don't 'help' them. Then use a suede brush to 'clean' them. The final thing is look at the weather forecast next time and certainly do not wear anything decent to ride a bike - motor or push which are equally as bad as one another.
Entirely subjective, a good suit is a blend of the commissioners requirements and the rapport between him and his cutter.
MTM is rarely good value but is an entre to the world of commissioning suits. If you are happy with the suits, the price was right, if not don't repeat such a futile excursion into this trade.
It is difficult to look at quality without so much as a photograph of one but there seem to be sufficient fools about wishing to buy second hand clothes as you have obviously found. This "Hong Kong by a cutter who was licensed to use Valentino patterns:" is just a damnable lie but if you do sell them don't mention it. The touts around Star Ferry Kowloonside (TST) will tell the gullible anything that comes into their minds. They are paid on commission and if they don't...
Absolutely correct.
If you doubt it, they are probably not genuine. Unfortunately fleaBay has several forgeries for every genuine item. Such an easy way to sell them and many people are taken in thinking that they have a bargain. People get mesmerised by low prices and 'cheap' and pitch common sense to the wind.
I'm afraid that you have bought a second hand suit which does not fit you. Cut as well as style/size are all equally important. Put it back on fleaBay or if you did not pay much above its real value $5, £3 just burn it and spare yourself the effort.
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