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Who made this rag? The coat is too tight, sleeves longish but why are the cuff buttons stranded so high up? The trouser legs are uneven and too short generally, they should break onto your shoes. Suggest return and buy one that fits better from the off.
Can you not polish your own shoes?
Having tried and failed yesterday with this silly idea, you have twisted the question to try again. You really need to understand that clothes worn on television like these do not come from an RTW rack.
Costume. Do you not realise that the brands supply special items to get the gullible to recognise the brand. Advertising, brand recognition pure and simply not RTW garments. ie Costume.
Style Forum 101 You have done little or no research here as this question is asked at least once a week. Given that few people repast the same words which is why 101 and research exist,
The vendor studiously avoids showing any of the writing on the labels including that in the garment itself. Wide berth therefore.
Don't bother is a good start. In your naiveté you have forgotten that many of the clothes worn on television/movies are costume, no matter what they may look to your untutored eyes. In most instances they will have been made especially for the wearer. Images you see on line of such people are also likely to be 'special', so-called celebrities are often sent one offs so they are seen wearing a brand and appear to be endorsing it. for those gullible enough to be...
No one on earth will care: Make your own choice.
That page has an evening dress.
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