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I am pleased that I have patronised 4 of these although I do not rate Chan. I am pretty certain Gordon Yao has his own work room as well. I have had suits from the other three this year as a private 'competition' amongst them. Chiang will fall by the wayside - not because of quality just a preference for the other two.
Does Google suggest anything?
Agree poor leather causing natural but premature deformation
And who are those with their own work rooms do you believe?
This thread seems to be almost entirely made up by one idiot who has many aliases and has fallen out with them or worse is a competitor. We can well do without such nonsense and merely proves your stupidity in posting thus in thinking that anyone believes these rants. Does anyone really think this is other than a pack of lies? You even do bulk registrations - just look at the dates, you're not even good at lying.
Crap quality. Is this supposed to be MTM? If so ditch the so-called tailor and go somewhere else. Chris Despos has answered this question for someone else recently and it does not make for wonderful reading.
I'd not be falling about myself to buy from this tailor.
Socks? Just pay the price asked it will hardly break you - if it does go somewhere cheaper.
If value a second hand garment (or a rip off) then you must pay what you think it is worth to you. If you don't like the 'buy it now' price you must walk away and hope that the item doesn't sell an d reappears at a lower price. There is no 'right' price, there needs to be a 'willing buyer' and a 'willing seller' and the price falls out of that. No opinio9n here will make one jot of difference to that principle. By asking it rather suggests that you cannot afford the item...
Probably nowhere. Many so called and self-important persons in show business have one offs. You would be better researching a 'lookalike' than worry about a specific garment.
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