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Surprised that you think that it is manufacturing issue unless you are referring to the OP's feet. However social media frequently brings an unwarranted but beneficial outcome given that suppliers might think indulging you courts decent PR.
It is unusual wear but could be attributed to vario0uis things including your feet/gait! It is capable of repair if you have afull 'though' repair which would see that replaced. You would need to find a GOOD cobbler else send it back to the original manufacturer if such a service is available. This said, the manufacturer may simply have a local cobbler in tow. It will not be cheap.
SF does not "approve" anything and to spend your money based on web board opinions makes no sense. The questions for you should be: 1: Does meet your functional requirements? 2: Do you like it? 3: Can you afford it? and that is it.
Your answer will be walking down the street, mall or in your office. Observation is your best friend. No one here knows about the trade you hope to ply or your natural colouring so just a guess in those circumstances.
Difficult to know which country you live in let alone which town or city therein!
You seem to have an extremely narrow range with minimal choice.
? Curious problem.
If you don't like the Etsy examples then you are likely to be on a hiding to nothing. Try the Streetwear Forum, these are not the type of thing which relates to Classic Menswear.
If a search does not yield anything..... There's your answer.
Where has this term "pin dot" come from? That is simply a pin stripe that you illustrate.
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