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Evening dress (tuxedo) is for evening functions NOT a wedding. You are probably better with a dark blue or charcoal suit although formal morning dress is by far preferable.
Why on earth have you bought this questionable garment without any clue what to wear with it? Either take it back and start again or else go to a bricks and mortar shop and choose something. Web opinions are irrelevant - you are wearing it and we have no idea about your features, hair colour etc or indeed whether you are going to the races to sell ice cream or something else useful.
Forget this silly ideas about rules. Get what you prefer and are comfortable wearing.
Strange choice for a wedding. Start again,
No, and nor would I.
Most brides wear white dresses and the groom should wear morning dress.
With luck it might even stay looking vaguely decent for two days as well.
So far as one can see it looks good - sleeves of either shirt or coat may need changing. I've lost track, who made this one?
Not easy to tell with one arm in the air waving a telephone at a mirror for some reason - did your photographer not tell you to stand still, arms at sides? Trousers are too short though.
Whenever I want and it is appropriate to the moment.
New Posts  All Forums: