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You don't even need to take it to a cleaner - and often best not to because the staff don't know what they are doing. Just leave it to hang or just let it hang in steamy atmosphere and the creases will disappear.
Is that your normal choice for suit jackets?
No one will even notice or be the slightest bit interested.
Has anyone had more than the usual four (?) inside pockets in a Chan coat recently out of interest?
In the last view the back pockets appear to be at peculiar angles. Is that something to do with the way you are wearing them?
There is no purpose in measuring any existing garment, each tailor has his own 'cut' - it achieves the same objective but the detail is his own. This is one of the causes of mail order MTM being crap. You may either have to compromise ". English cut: hard structured jacket with waist suppression." whatever that might mean to get something that fits or else discuss with someone such as Chris Despos how he might achieve your objectives.
I doubt that they please anyone bar you.
Indeed agree, absolutely dreadful.
M&S does offer a high quality RTW suit and would be a good choice. Check that you are happy with the detail - one back pocket in this suit's trousers for example but otherwise go for it.
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