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Try Googling it - there are a number of outlets.
Do you have any photographs of your commissions? That is the only way by which to assess his quality.
No that look is not elegant for any venue for a wedding: In fact it is dreadful at best. Lauren is doing it because of who he is and he can show off - with no respect for those at the function to which he going.
Yes, of courseMost visitors:have little clue what they should pay especially when trying to convert currencies by mental arithmetic. Values expressed in $US are of little use to someone whose native currency is something else and who are already struggling with $HKare in a hurry and usually have little time to look around and so a friendly welcome is persuasive andmany don't come back to HK and therefore squeezing as much out of them does not matter, there is no future...
Very likely just costume for the man and thus made specially. Strange why people don't associate anything in the film/TV and like industries as just costume. Any 'placements' will be credited at the end, if they are not, 99% likely to be costume for the big names. Likely they get to keep anything which could be worn off set - if they want to or else for premiers etc. when turning up 'in character' is appropriate.
No, will always look what it is - crap damaged trousers. If you can send them back to the person/shop you bought them from do so, if not burn them. Just as there is no such thing as a free lunch, there are no good clothes on line in this way for a "deep discount".
Clinic - suit? If you are doing this as a commercial enterprise i.e. elective mutilation then fair enough, medical necessity surely that is in a hospital environment where the easy ability to wash your clothes is an overwhelming priority?
An interesting epistle but the sole reason is their offer is 1980s in a fast moving world. Digital presence ? How many times have they been discussed here - not a lot.
Unless you are the turn at a function when a purple suit is fine, a tie/pocket square is the best way. Just go to some shops to look and don't expect it to be served up to you at a computer desk.
Size is your choice but you should wear anything you like under it which fits the moment. If is cold then a pullover, if you want to wear a pullover, wear it and so on.
New Posts  All Forums: