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If you have really been "lurking styleforums for a while" you would know better than to publish a photograph of a motor car and a dark one of a coat with parts obscured. That is neither use nor ornament and no one will be able to make any comments - other than about your misplaced hopes.
You take that offer up at your own risk - do look at the sad tales of online MTM before committing yourself.
Ask the man - if he is so vague he should expect questions. Secondly forget that suit (if that is not to charitable a word. Blue with a black shawl collar resembles something the band or a waiter might wear, certainly not a guest.
The suit will not be much use for anything else - the black trim is dreadful. Secondly if the girl demands you wear this or not that, dump her. You should determine what you wear and you should not even think of matching her - you are not bookends.
Both are dreadful
Advertising but there is nothing special about it.
I assume second hand? It needs to be shortened at the shoulder. Best sell it on.
It is the height of rudeness to wear ANY hat indoors in a place deemed to be indoors. NB Walking through a shopping Mall does not count as indoors, but going in a small shop does: A large department store is OK but if you approach a counter, off should come the hat.
I doubt it has happened, anywhere and certainly not in the US or Europe.
No one believes advertising puffs like this from a first time poster.Clearly you have things to hide and your enterprise is best avoided.
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