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Dreadful - and a black suit as well, even worse. Avoid unless you want to be ridiculed.
It goes on all the time especially on line.
You really should buy shoes from a bricks and mortar shop to establish what fits.
England is not "very chilly" , it is a great deal warmer than the eastern seaboard of the US, even with a frost overnight. You do not say where you live so it is fairly hopeless plea for advice other than to say a shop where such things might be found - a gentleman's outfitter or else one specialising in hats.
Blue or pink shirt NOT grey. No tie.
Ask the manufacturer if it is still available and who might stock it.
He hasn't sadly.
The word is 'orphaned' and no.
BHS = Crap. Burn it and choose something new, they will have had the one batch and that is it.
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