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If you want one, get one. Don't seek to justify your choice with this discourse.
As you asked....Take yourself to the local outsize shops and see what fits, rather than expect everyone to do the job for you. You know what you want, when you want to wear it and what (little) you want to pay, no one else can guess.
Probably not, the name of the vendor sums it up.
Sell it but also learn to put your clothes away and not eave them strewn around the floor. That dies them no good at all.
Dreadful looking garment. The back of the coat and the trousers reflect on line tailoring at near to its worst - there has been and will be worse but no reason to accept this thing..
Ask the organisers not a web board where no one has the slightest clue about YOUR prom.
I doubt such a thing exists, just try common sense or an easier subject which lends itself to your objective.
For the flower.
Is that you wearing the suit - your ring has disappeared if it is?
New Posts  All Forums: