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I have no clue what some deity or another has to do with buying clothes; it's usually just a case of looking for what is available,There's no essential difference between any make of suit so far as the principles of the stitching are concerned although RTW will be machine stitched. If you can't see what is wrong with this rag, then its probably not worth us assessing it.Two absolute and resounding 'No's 'The trousers are about 3" too short so unless there is a spare 3>4"...
It's basically dreadful. There again it is MTM and I suppose that is understandable. Try going back with it but you'll probable have to put up with it; even if the shop keeper understands he'll probably fob you off with some yarn about 'it being new, Sir, they'll disappear with wearing'.Put up with it and go somewhere else in future.
Grossly over size buttons: I'll slightly disagree - large dinner plates.
Crazy I think!
Forlorn hope: RTW suppliers frequently commission a production run of a cloth and when it's gone, i'ts gone.
The answer to your question is simple - what is a "Hong Kong tailor"? You cannot simply lump them all in one pile, there are some of the best tailors in the world down to some god awful tailors whose garments should be burned even before they leave the work room. Oh. there is everything in-between as well.
I don't know the latter but either way stupid in the extreme!
So true, but presumably want a job as a clown.
That budget will get you nowhere. You also seem to have a strange view of what bespoke actually is. Such an item is something you bespeak and is made to you specific size/figuration in the case of a suit and the individual size of each of your feet, pronation etc. In the case of shoes, lasts would be made for your individual feet and then used for your shoes and only your shoes. What you actually seem to believe bespoke to be is make a ready to wear shoe in your choice...
Good chance that they are fake, there's no such thing as a free lunch....
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