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Have you Googled 'Old Ray Bans' or looked though eBay? If it is not current these may be a good bet. I'd better add, assuming that these are genuine.
Far from unusual at this time. If you look very carefully you will see he switched to DB about twenty years ago probably with a mix of new suits and others from the Earl Mountbatten's wardrobe skilfully altered for him. You will still see him wearing SB suits today - in hot places he sensibly wears lightweight SB suits. If you also study photographs of him you will see him in a heavy fawn top coat - dead ringer for Mountbatten's wardrobe. His Royal Highness is very...
Advertising Mr Young?
Probably his tailor. Very likely to be bespoke by its appearance although you might find similar things in a shop.
You are going to have to go much further up market than SS to achieve this and also must be sufficiently eccentric to be able to wear things which are out of fashion. People such as the English aristocracy can do that that with ease, the average man has to lucky to find the timeless classic rather than an old suit. Saville Row is a route to that, SS most certainly is not.
Do you have one which makes your lunch as well?
An excellent idea, it gets wearying having to read it lest if has anything useful to say when it monotonously appears in the middle of an otherwise interesting thread.
Is the person wearing it some sort of performer? If so it is quite unlikely that you will find the thing in a shop. Such persons often one off garments given to them as 'costume', the better known will have these things made for themselves. As to what to call it, try a rag for starters.
AC has its own facility, I would not know about any of the others as I have never patronised them.
If you have never purchased a suit in HK and want three then you would be better served buying at home. There will be so-called tailors who will supply at those prices but I would be surprised if they had not fallen apart before you get back to the airport. On the other hand HK is certainly one of the jewels of South East Asia and you really should visit.
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