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Do you disagree? Advice does not need to be an essay long.
Looks expensive for what it is.
Quickly before anyone suspects that you have been fool enough to buy them.
Lapels are absolutely fine as they are. Not too happy about the sleeves at the should in the rear view. Whilst braces with the trousers are an excellent idea, I might suggest that they are slightly questionable in the more casual surroundings of something for which a sports coat is preferable.
]Shooting at it will certainly leave holes which can be seen.
Out of date idea and little use because of credit/debit cards. Now use and recommend a slim leather wallet such as those by Launer which holds paper money and cards and slips into a back pocket. It is quite comfortable and unobtrusive and means that you don't have to worry/remember to pick it up when taking coat off.
Burn the lot and then go to a bricks and mortar shop. Buy one you like that actually fits and try it for a few days rather than waste money until you have some more experience
Hardly a revelation - that was 'discovered' here many years ago. Just let an old thread rest in peace
Does it actually fit you or have you abused it (likely) - could be result of you stretching it.
Shirt and coat sleeves too short.
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