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Too tight and not really suitable for you - that's the danger with buying on line goods. Short of sending them back, get a hole punch and add an extra hole so that they do not fasten as tightly.
The Victorians had some peculiar ideas - table legs had to be covered in some houses as 'legs should not be seen'!
Absolutely, just buy some new ones if you really want to waste money on a posh label and crap shoes.
You are mixing your drinks somewhat. The header refers to "bespoke" yet your narrative you refer to "clothes perfectly tailored". American tend to use the latter term to cover messing about with RTW garments that don't actually fit. If you are buying true from a good tailor, then there is usually a little margin in the seems for adjustments. They would expect their suits to last for many years and even be handed down from father to son in the aristocracy. They expect...
Squares should not match as such but they should certainly not conflict violently.
Doesn't look right really so no. What do your mates wear?
Burn the pair in the centre, the other two fine. Few will notice, fewer will think about any ideas of your socks matching anything including the carpet.
Well typed - both posts.
Black or wear a suit yourself.
Doubtful, darts are darts.
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