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Probably not: if you have to ask it is unlikely to be real.
No, orphaned suit jackets do not deserve to be relegated to sports coats, they simply look dreadful.
Tailoring is an art, not a science, what is right for one person is not for another. Different tailors work in different ways and none will satisfy all. You must adapt to the market's ways.
You simply do not understand how this market works and you are trying to make it conform to your idea of what it should be or do. It won't.You should also understand that Asian tailors operate at the low end of the market, they best tailors have their origins in the Cantonese region.
They don't discount anyway and why should they make a loss for you? Don't think that all markets behave in the same way, that is ridiculous.
Absolutely right, I doubt that they would want to do so simply because of the time taken which could be better spent on 'normal' garments.You will not find any/many tailors in the Tuen Mun area given it is a backwater for visitors. You would need to go to TST or else Central/Admiralty or Wan Chai.
Over cooking it, no tie if you must wear a suit.
Get smaller ones.
Absolutely correct although I hardly think that is worth it with this lot, all look too small in the small of your back: If that is the way the shop keeper offer them to you to try, go elsewhere as he has no idea of what he is doing.
Dege and Skinner, Davies, certainly not A and S. You would be as well considering those who specialise in military uniforms as well as they would be more familiar with what you require.
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