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It is from the bonfire era of Brioni suits. Help it feel at home.
You should post this in the correct forum - 'Streetwear and Denim' is appropriate. Better quality lurking is a good idea!
Old threads should be allowed to rest in peace. Such shortening will always look 'off'' however much you think otherwise. Stick to buying things the correct size, these are not bargains whatever you say to yourself.
May the thread rest in peace.
Are you his Butler - this does not seem to be amongst duties of an employee. If he ahs an existing pair of such trousers surely he can go to a tailor himself and have him copy them?
Never buy second hand shoes.
First is a 'no' - totally unsuited to work if you want to be taken seriously. Second is OK but looks to be more handles than bag! You can do better - go look in a real shop or two.
It will do but dump the Raybans they have no place for this - unless you are going to the beach first - and consider a coloured short to add some interest and life to an otherwise OK ensemble.
Rags only at that price.
Complain to the dealer rather than on a web board. The comparison suggesting the extra cost is equated with delay is a nonsense, the extra cost is equated with the proper repair that the manufacturer provides. Cheap = fast may equal poor quality, not not certified by the manufacturer, may not use genuine parts Expensive = slower = better quality = certified by the manufacturer = original parts Your choice
New Posts  All Forums: