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Do you keep a daily record of those clothes you have selected inc. photographs?
Surely the 'easier' solution (for those unsure of themselves) is to wear a casual jacket/blazer such that one half of the ensemble contracts with the other? Dark jeans merit a lighter colour jacket (possibly by exception a dark blue blazer) and a lighter coloured pair a darker jacket. There is a middle ground for at the more skilled end of the judgement spectrum which could go either way. Texture such as cord/tweeds and so are a further option with a nod to...
Condolences indeed, if you Google the subject there are a number of sources,
You are certainly impatient when you expect people to make voluntary inputs to YOUR apparent problem. As breakaway01 says, you will have to provide more input and turn this into a specific REQUEST.
Nothing to answer your question. I am neither bored nor in need of advice from a novice.
Those which fit and are comfortable represent a good start and probably the only criteria by which to judge them. They're your feet.. Have you actually tried any of these or is it just guess work that any will fit you?
so what did you actually buy?
Are you wanting a length of flannel, an MTM suit or else an RTW suit? This is not exactly a model of clarity.
Surprised that you think that it is manufacturing issue unless you are referring to the OP's feet. However social media frequently brings an unwarranted but beneficial outcome given that suppliers might think indulging you courts decent PR.
It is unusual wear but could be attributed to vario0uis things including your feet/gait! It is capable of repair if you have afull 'though' repair which would see that replaced. You would need to find a GOOD cobbler else send it back to the original manufacturer if such a service is available. This said, the manufacturer may simply have a local cobbler in tow. It will not be cheap.
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