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Another making the mistake of trying to copy what is on the television or in films. Quite rarely possible.
Probably a special not made for retail sale.
It will all depend how each fits your feet - there is no measure of comfort in the manner you seem think appropriate.
+1 An excellent suggestion given the OP's silly ways.
There is no such thing: Ties with trees or Father Christmases on them are hideous and confirm the wearer to have no taste or self respect whatsoever,
They may have been fashionable twenty five years ago but they are not now. If you are going to a wedding surely you need a suit?
They are there to be used. This baste stitching first appeared in the days when protesters for this cause or that used to put incendiary devices in them in shops. Then it became a norm to show them better. Just remove it and use them as you will.
The shirt and tie are fine but the creature on the right lapel of what I assume to be a lab coat is out of place. can't however see the trousers or shoes.
You do not say where you might be dining: that will condition your dress.
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