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Patience, 'bumping' after four hours is crass stupidity. Draw your net wider as well.
Cheap = crap. If you are not prepared to pay, just do without.
Have a look at the Launer web site
Hardly clothes, awful
Hardly surprising Italy will have just the same demand for coats of a universal block. You should not expect every Italian man to have discerning tastes, most won't. You are reading far too many written articles and not thinking rationally about the subject.
If you want that "EXACT" tie then you must pay the €140, if you cannot then you must do without. You might find many similar ties, but not the "EXACT" one.
Buy what you prefer, look at others if you lack inspiration,
Pure advertising, you fool no one. Trade bad?
You are very impatient. The purpose of insoles is to take up space if your feet (or a foot) is between sizes. Your question suggests a nonsense - shoes wear from the outside - damage to the uppers from one cause or another being largely in point - not the inside.
New Posts  All Forums: