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Horn buttons are really the only choice for such a suit.
And you, sir, seem to be in a minority of one!
10oz is OK if the cloth is something you prefer. In modern settings 8/9oz, is good and may be even better as the heat tends to build during the function after the meal or whatever. Few settings are old buildings without heating but with draughts these days.
Try made especially for him!
Advice - forget it. That is simply not long enough for any craftsman to turn out anything. Too many people believe that quality garments whether in Hong Kong, Italy or anywhere else can be created to fit in with ludicrous timetables. Eighty hours goes into making a bespoke suit and the baste (ie first fitting) and forward fitting (ie second fitting) represent most of that eighty hours. Why on earth do you believe any atelier can perform magic?
What does Googling 'sock makers in Canada' reveal?
These two notes sum it all up: What the market wants in style terms etc What will fit the market reflecting its make up: You could probably get two Hongkongers into a shirt which many American men would deem too tight No vendor, except some truly niche example, wants to cater for minority tastes: There is no money in satisfying two people if that means slow moving stock because the other 98 share a different view and finally If you want to be different, want better...
Cardigan in the UK certainly. Can't think why anyone should think to deploy the word "coat". As to brands you will have to do that yourself as what might have been available today might not have been yesterday and certainly won't be tomorrow. The market changes and garments are made in finite quantities.
Difficult one off the top but certainly significant. I will look for the accounts to establish that difference but I must caveat that by saying that this merely reflected the cloth I had chosen and for a first commission there is a learning curve. It is the second and later commissions which are the best as both client and cutter get the measure (forgive the pun) of one another. This time I thus selected cloths which were readily available as opposed to something...
Ignore them. Any watch works for anything, any time, any place and any clothes Those who say otherwise speak nonsense.
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