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Isolation. Indeed better pictures but I remain of my previous view, too many faults to be worth going to this butcher again., Try Gordon Yao or even Chan or Y William Yu.
You have probably imparted information to him as he has no clue that the name is nothing to do with what it is made from.It is no different from those who report a suit to be made by "Reid and Taylor" when the internal label merely refers to the cloth manufacturer!
Ask some friends who are going if that fits in right.
Bit late to ask now. Buyer's remorse set in already? Pay up and enjoy your fortune (?) or mistake.
If you like them, they fit probably and you can afford them then do so. How they were made is not important.
Going to Brooks seems a better idea, Bricks and Mortar shops have many advantages if you are new to this.
Whilst it would be possible to pick up the individual faults with these, it is probably best summed up by saying the tailor should never have let them out of his work room. There again I suspect you were seen in a shop which is merely a front for a sweat shop with little skill available for the fittings. Thus I do not think them value for money if you are looking for something decent as you get on.I would suggest that you go to Gordon Yao and get a couple of decent suits...
And the ungracious question, how much?
and have you tried 'search'?
Woefully dated
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