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Advertising yourself? Web site inspires little confidence.
I did a thorough job of inspecting them Not really but get over it and wear them.
The only answer to this odd nay daft question is - an infinite number.
This "but it's made of 50% acetate/50% viscose.. I'd never seen this before, definitely never had the luxury of experiencing it in person." Is not a luxury, it is an abomination to which no thinking person with any self respect would give house room.
Why wait to go to Hong Kong? Get them done at home.
This thread is getting tedious. A newcomer who cannot be troubled to read it, talk about creating button holes...
Ah, thank you for this enlightening comment, however, no thank you, like you I will stay old school, far more elegant than this.
This looks to be a clean generally well fitting evening dress. Is the button position giving rise to the appearance of being a tad too tight? Are you able to have someone photograph your back view, with and without the coat? It would be interesting to see how well Chan has fitted the coat and dealt with some wrinkles that have been seen in recent coats in this thread, similarly the trousers which have been terrible because they are cut too high.
Why buy when you have no idea what to wear with it?
Burn it?
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