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I prefer to use the mirror hanging on the wall, so much more convenient.
That seems to be the business model, hopefully find a few saps who will keep what they are sent.
It really does need to be objective. That can be at any point on the price scale but even at the cheap end, there is cheap, cleaper and cheapist and those traits need to be identified.
I have many Hober ties, worth every penny.
What's the catch? There's no such thing as a free lunch and nor is there a decent suit for $US100!
Disagree entirely, that is one price point but hardly "decent". Acceptable (to the buyer) might be OK but the best shirts do (and always will come) from Ascot Chiang.
You are basing this solely on cost and your perception of what is good or bad: So, whilst this works for you, it is not likely to do so for anyone else. Your remarks are therefore not definitive and certainly not remotely objective. For example, "Who has a great belt for ~$100.00 or less?". What possible objectivity is present in that statement? None whatever, "great" if a correct descriptor at all, is not quantified making the responses meaningless to anyone other than...
Entirely correct, rags come to mind.
It is, others would consider it to be second hand goods which is more accurate.
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