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Good evening - it would certainly be very interest to see some pictures of WWC's work. If you in progress but certainly as you did with Graham Browne front/side/rear views with and without the coat. Seeing how he cuts and the rear view in relation to the high waistline you like would be very helpful. The inside of the finished coat is also good to see - much neglected by tailors and needs to be tidily done. Thanks for offering.You are a very experienced buyer and so how...
Quite but even if not what relevance does it have here? Surely there most some more appropriate forum where such things are discussed.
+1 - not relevant here at all.
TER1413 offers wise advice - be very careful with navy paired with grey trousers unless you want to be mistaken for the door keeper of security guard in some down market place.
Black is black. A unique description so whilst they are different shades of black (yes really, as with white). You will find few supporters of black here and, equally, if you had taken the trouble to research the substance of your question here, you would not be speaking of black for your first suit - unless of course you are a trainee undertaker. Stick with the basics, mid-grey, navy/midnight blue etc and forget silly notions of black.
Sam Hober
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