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It will do but dump the Raybans they have no place for this - unless you are going to the beach first - and consider a coloured short to add some interest and life to an otherwise OK ensemble.
Rags only at that price.
Complain to the dealer rather than on a web board. The comparison suggesting the extra cost is equated with delay is a nonsense, the extra cost is equated with the proper repair that the manufacturer provides. Cheap = fast may equal poor quality, not not certified by the manufacturer, may not use genuine parts Expensive = slower = better quality = certified by the manufacturer = original parts Your choice
Hopefully nowhere - they look quite hideous
Do you wear flip flops a lot?
I'd put it down again.
Second hand shoes are bad for your feet - avoid.
If you like them and think that they might fit, buy them.
Not imperfections, quite normal for most linen. Wear it and enjoy, don't fret.
They look like a perfectly normal shoe, if unappealing. They will have been made in bulk for one market or another - unless they are bespoke. Can't recall if Church does such things.
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