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Forget the boot, but the other two are fine depending upon what you want to wear them with.
They do not fit properly. Burn the whole suit (don't be tempted to wear an orphaned coat) and start again. That's two burnings in one evening - clearly some dross about tonight.
Burn them
Nonsense. You can only be American with such an slovenly attitude, No one of any note would be seen with button cuffs in a UK company.
NO, not attractive at all.
NO, burn them instead - the white sole makes them unfit for most purposes.
The suit would be fine but its formality demands a tie. A pink shirt would give you a touch of informality.
Hankies certainly require to be ironed, denim is an opinion. The others no.
No quite ugly and inappropriate anyway. Settle for a classic pair of Oxford-style shoes.
You make an assumption that everyone has such a thing - umbrellas/overcoats/leisure wear such as Berghaus and similar can take the place of a dedicated overcoat. The quality that matters is that it keeps the rain out if one were to have such a thing.
New Posts  All Forums: