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Doesn't look right really so no. What do your mates wear?
Burn the pair in the centre, the other two fine. Few will notice, fewer will think about any ideas of your socks matching anything including the carpet.
Well typed - both posts.
Black or wear a suit yourself.
Doubtful, darts are darts.
Not sure whether you want to know the names of more tailors or opinions on these two. If you had used the 'search' facility you would have found a thread of some size dedicated to Chan. Edwin and Matthew de Boise have a good name by all accounts although I have neither patronised them nor even seen an example of their wares in the cloth.
If you like it, keep it. It is worth what anyone will pay for it. There is no table for the worth of second hand clothes.
Baste and forward is usually sufficient with top end tailors, a third fitting if you are an odd shape. If something is amiss at the collection fitting few would refuse to deal with such a thing. Too many fittings especially if one is in HK for a relatively short time can be trying.
Just wear it as one would any casual jacket. There is no reason why it demands special consideration.
Are you a tailor for whom this is an advertisement?
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