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Same here. If anyone received a card and doesn't plan to use it, I would gladly accept the coupon code via PM. I've been waffling on buying a blazer and the 40% discount would be enough to get me off the fence. I bought a few items during the 30% corporate event and should have bought it then.
If anyone is interested in a navy medium travel at bag at 30% off (plus whatever it costs to ship it to you), let me know. I ended up ordering two of them after they sold out online during the Brooks Brothers 30% off corporate sale.
Thinking about ordering the Cordovan Venetian Loafers from the Brooks Brothers 30% off Corporate Sale. Planned on ordering TTS unless I hear I need size up or down.
What size are they? I might consider taking the beefrolls off your hands for what you paid for them plus postage and a bit for your trouble.
Personally, I think they're a bit too long and I'm not normally a "shorter the better" proponent. If they're cotton, I'd wear and either wash/dry clean (whatever you plan to do with them) a time or two and make sure they don't shrink a bit on their own before altering.
I read somewhere in this thread that Filson would provide a luggage grip for the 256 if requested. A few weeks ago, I called their customer service line and asked if I could possibly purchase one. The customer service representative wasn't sure if that was something they could do, but said he would get in touch with the production department. He took my contact/shipping info and said someone would get back to me. I hadn't heard from them since then, so I thought...
Got mine a few weeks ago and never noticed this. I think my handles are oriented in the same direction they were when I got the bag (with the brown (not the really dark brown) out).Love the bag. It's the perfect size for a 13" laptop and few other small items (notebooks, iPad, umbrella, cords, pens, etc.).
Agreed. It appears more green than blue on my screen.For a church wedding, a more simple (or less "busy") tie is preferred. The blue/green of the first tie is presumably a different shade from the navy and should pop on a white shirt. If you were to wear a blue shirt, the blues would probably appear a bit muddled.In my opinion, a textured striped tie is a step or two down the formality scale and not something I would wear to a relatively formal (i.e., church wedding...
Cross post from the "Ask a question" thread. Can someone please identify the vintage of this Polo Ralph Lauren suit for sale on eBay? Not sure which set of numbers indicates which year/season.
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