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I may be a day late with my response, but thought I'd chime in. Cordovan does stretch a bit over time. I've got an older pair of full strap #8 loafers that have stretched. However, when a shoe is stretched to fit your foot, it breaks the "natural" line of the shoe. If I could go back in time, I'd rather have a slightly wider shoe with "clean" lines than one that is slightly narrow with a small toe bump breaking the line.Also, depending on where the tightness is in your...
It's usually -1 day. You should have received on Thursday.
A much-appreciated, timely response.
I'm not an AE guy, but if I had to choose only three shoes to cover all situations from jeans to job interview, I'd choose: - Cordovan #8 perforated captoe balmoral (presuming this hypothetical excludes funerals and black-tie optional weddings; otherwise, I'd opt for a black calfskin, straight captoe balmoral) - Brown longwing blucher (possibly with a rubber sole for the most casual end of the jean spectrum) - Tan venetian or penny loafers This would cover: - Jeans- LWB...
I've looked at that shoe a few times and I think I've concluded it's neither fish nor fowl. If I wanted a dressy loafer, I'd want something more elegant than that one; and, if I wanted a casual shoe, the finish on that one is too formal. I can't imagine a middle ground where I'd wear that shoe.
Do their penny loafers fit similarly to their venetian loafers? I recently bought a pair of the Brooks Brothers cordovan venetian loafers that seem to fit pretty TTS; if anything, they seem to run slightly small; I definitely could not have sized down in them.
+1 on the sleeves. You could also clean up the back a bit. But, if it's going to be worn casually, I'd leave the back as it is.
Thanks for the heads up. Definitely some nice deals. Wish the watches were a bit smaller. I've been looking for an inexpensive, yet quality automatic watch with a simple white or silver face. From what I read, Seiko makes a nice watch, but the 41.6 mm diameter would dwarf my wrist.
You might have better luck posting this on the Streetwear & Denim forum. Maybe this bump will help here, too.
I'm in the same minority. I wore a pair of 5-eyelet shoes this past weekend that I hadn't worn in forever and had left the barred laces in place. I was very annoyed as I tightened them.
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