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Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart ...nor am I planning to go and use cordo shoes for kicking heads in... That's where the problem lies--you lack the proper focus. You've got to get your head right with the game. One must have a deep-seated desire for head kicking to truly appreciate all the glory cordovan shoes have to offer.
Quote: Originally Posted by DocHolliday Where'd you snag the Marcoliani? I have some Paul Smith socks similar to those. Doc, I've got what are likely the same Paul Smith socks. Love them and love the Marcoliani. MunnyGuy, what is the fabrication of the socks and, if you don't mind my asking, what was their cost?
I think it depends how you intend to wear them. I wouldn't wear those in a traditional, dressy way (see the duckbill comment). But, I think they could be fun with denim. That said, depending on what you paid for them, I think you could find better wingtips that might might bridge the dressy/casual gap.
A black suit isn't the worst thing you could wear to an interview. Charcoal or navy would be a better choice; but since your interview is tomorrow, you've got to go with what you have. I think a light blue shirt is a good idea as the contrast between black and light blue is less stark than between black and white. Your burgundy tie should be fine. My only suggestion would be to find a navy or charcoal suit for your next interview (whether it be a second interview for...
I agree that I would buy Doc's Ralph Lauren. If it didn't fit, I think you would be able to get your money back selling it on the B&S forum.
I've never worn them, but I think the styles I've seen are attractive. If you have a way to buy a style you like for <$150, I'd say go for it. On edit: Just looked at the Montana model. It seems a bit Kenneth Cole-ish in its square toe. I liked the styles I saw at a Mark Shale store more than the Montana. http://www.markshale.com/subcategory...t=mens%5Fshoes
That chart is a nice guide to give you an idea what you might wear; it will definitely put you in the neighborhood of your suit size. But, as others have indicated, two people of the same height can wear different suit sizes based on their proportions. Someone who is 6'0" with a long torso, but shorter legs might require an L, while someone who is 6'0" with an average torso and longer legs might require an R. It's really a matter of trying on different sizes to see...
As others have mentioned, since you're a college student and most of the people on this board dress in a more business-y way, your request would be better suited to the streetwear and denim board. Also, if you offered to pay shipping and maybe a small fee for the trouble of donating some clothes, you would get a more positive response. More importantly, you need to make an effort to get to know people and not hope to get noticed because of the clothes you're wearing. ...
I think you'd have much more luck finding a tie to match her dress than finding a shirt to match. Try to sell her on that idea.
The answer to your question is the same as the answer to every other "can I wear this <> to an interview?" question. The immediate answer is "yes". You can wear whatever you damn well please. As others have mentioned, most interviewers would never even notice if your jacket has buttons as long as the number exceeds zero and is less than four. Furthermore, they're more interested in your grades/test scores/resume/application and...
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