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Quote: Originally Posted by phillyesq I have a hard time envisioning a black cotton suit. If you're looking for a poplin suit other than Khaki, Olive could work quite well. Or you could go with seersucker. I vote for the olive poplin.
If your physique is changing over the next year or so, I'd consider starting with quality shoes.
I prefer pair #1 and agree that a slight taper would improve the overall look.
I know many on this board will shudder at this suggestion for your day(s) at Disney, but I'd suggest wearing your most comfortble running shoes, a pair of cotton twill shorts and a lightwieght, loose-fitting shirt (either a polo-style knit or a button-front sportshirt). You won't be a fashion plate, but you'll be comfortable and still look better than 75% of the men there, most of whom will be wearing t-shirts, cargo shorts, and flip-flops. Flip-flops may be comfortable...
As most have said, it sounds as though the jacket may be a bad fit. However, as the previous poster indicated, it might be possible to let out the sides a bit, allowing the vent to lay properly. If the jacket feels good through the shoulders/chest, I'd have a tailor see if there is enough fabric to let out.
Quote: Originally Posted by hopkins_student I like the first navy suit/tie combo. I'd probably also be a fan of a combo you didn't put together, which would be the second suit with the tie from the first pic with the navy suit. Agreed. I'm not a big fan of navy tie/navy suit combo. I think the navy tie would pop a bit more with a grey suit.
If your pants are cuffed, it's possible that a loose blind stitch was used to make the hem. This stitch is is often used for a non-cuffed pant so that the stitch is not visible (or only slightly so). Unfortunately this type of stitch lends itself to being caught. But, a non- or nearly non-visible stitch isn't necessary for a cuffed pant since the portion of the pant with the stitch is covered by the cuff. So, if the pants in question are cuffed, you could request your...
Crockett & Jones Grosvenor in black on the 248 last http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=14862
My go-to interview shoe has always been my Alden 9015 (Cordovan punch cap bal). Here's a pic of another poster's 9015's (on the right): Here's a pic from The Alden Shop If you prefer black, the 9016 is the black shell cordovan equivalent. However, you mentioned you're buying your "first dress shoes" and that you "want to get something that's good"; I think, in the long run, you would be happier with the burgundy color over the black. It's much more...
Quote: Originally Posted by RichardKunin Hey guys, today was my anniversary, and my wife got me a Tag Heuer Link. What do you think? I think your wife obviously put some time, money, and thought into this anniversary gift. Regardless of other watches you may or may not buy in the future, this one will always be special. Quote: Originally Posted by VMan I think the styling of the watch is better complimented by a metal band...
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