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Quote: Originally Posted by polar-lemon I understand the physically different part, and I would severely object if the dupe pair were somehow inferior to the original. I fail to see a huge distinction if the item is equivalent in every single respect except for the fact that it was not purchased at the store (which does seem odd and objectionable at first). The issue isn't that there will be an inferior item returned; it's that the item was...
Quote: Originally Posted by HalfCanvas Polo shirt; cotton sweater (in case it's cool); shorts; short socks; comfortable sneakers; hat; sunglasses. If it rains, consider a waterproof pullover in lieu of the cotton sweater. If you dress up, you will look like a douche and you will make it harder to see (because sometimes you've gotta kneel). This is what I'd wear. Comfort is key. Don't forget sunblock; you'll be out in the sun for a very...
Quote: Originally Posted by holymadness I like your wife's sash. Not something you see on a lot of wedding gowns. Agreed. Quote: Originally Posted by holymoly I had a hand in designing the wedding gown and choose the color of the sash. In fact, we made 3 sashes, a long olive green you see in the pictures, a gold and another wine red one in shorter lengths. I think the olive looks...
Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff filippa k is a very nice semi-luxury brand name. swedish company but most of their stuff is made in china from what i experienced. they usually fit really slim. dress pants are so tapered they are really slim and the jackets are well cut. slim but the cut is very nice. i was going to get this navy blazer from barney's last year by them solely due to their cut. HF i heard is very conservative and from what i tried...
I picked up a Hickey Freeman sportshirt ($39), two HF chinos ($39 each), and a Filippa K chino ($59). I'm currently in weight loss mode and thought those were good prices for pants I might only wear for a few months. What can I expect as far as fit and quality on the chinos, both HF and Filippa K?
I'll be a dissenting vote. I think, overall, the fit is good, but believe it is 1-2" too short.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sanguis Mortuum I believe those are C&J Belgraves. ¡Gracias!
Not sure who maintains the shoe wiki, but the Avebury is not included. I did see the style using a google images search, but can't link to the pics as AAAC is blocked at my workplace. http://images.google.com/images?gbv=...+jones+avebury
Quote: Originally Posted by aloepathic What type of socks are those? While you're at it, PG, what are the brogued captoes?
Quote: Originally Posted by longskate88 Say something like an accounting internship, maybe an insurance company during and after college. Not very fashionable folks in general. Those shoes don't fly for an accounting or insurance interview. As mentioned above, black captoe laceups are what you need.
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