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Quote: Originally Posted by the_economist So a few days ago I was in San Francisco on an informal outing with my wife for the day. Is that what they're calling them these days? What is the daily rate in SF for a "wife for the day". Nice story.
Dissenting vote. I'm firmly in the narrower tie with the narrow lapel camp.
Ten years after graduation, I would still see two good friends on occasion. Went to the ten year reunion and chatted with people I hadn't chatted with in exactly one decade; it was great to see them and hear what had happened and was going on in their lives. Nine years, later, I haven't spoken (other than in passing if I to ran into them) to any of them other than the same two friends. I plan on attending my 20-year next year, chatting them up, then ignoring them for...
Quote: Originally Posted by CliffClavin I purchased a couple of items from them and unfortunately they were junk. I ended up donating them once I was able to upgrade my garments. The Signature Gold line is OK, but at that price point, I would probably look at some other options first. I think their shirts are met with positive feedback, but my experience has soured me from their line. Agreed. The Signature Gold line isn't bad and can be...
No, but I live in Texas. This week has been the first week in DFW so far this fall when it has been cold enough to consider flannel.
Not a fan. However, the Pliner shoes will be of higher quality than the ones you linked on overstock.com.
Based on the pics alone, I would go with the charcoal. The darker color seems to suit your complexion and dark hair.
Quote: Originally Posted by tokyodandy Belatedly I am feeling that this might be something of a challenge to wear, so I'm am thinking of restraining it with a charcoal suit and a dark blue tie. Does anybody else wear something similar? Quote: Originally Posted by mack11211 Try a dotted tie in complementary colors. I think you're right with the restraint thought. I've got a very similar pattern in navy and have a...
Quote: Originally Posted by Hummingbird All good suggestions. I am in Austin, TX - so there aren't as many options as in say, NYC. I am also considering the blazer with nice pair of trousers option as well since he owns none of the above! You may or may not already know this, but I thought I'd throw it out there in case you didn't. There are a Saks Off 5th and a Neiman Marcus Last Call at the outlet in San Marcos. Not sure about Nordstrom...
Most dress pants can be let out about two inches in the waist. As for the black, slim suit question, I'll let others have at that one.
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