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I did not get an ETA (probably because I didn't ask for one). I just sent Sarah an email asking her to estimate when the shoes/trees might ship. I chose the "wait for shoes and trees to ship complete" option. Will let you know when I hear back. She has been very prompt with her responses. Since it's evening time in the UK, I would guess I'll hear back from her tomorrow.
I have a question regarding the shoes that are backordered. Is it possible to request flush metal toe taps be installed by Alfred Sargent prior to shipping? I'd be glad to pay the upcharge (within reason, of course).
I just bought the medium travel bag in navy. It is sitting in my closet, awaiting its first use.I have your same "problem". Bag manufacturers (especially Filson) are a wily bunch. They're very good about making the "almost perfect bag", so that you have to buy another bag for this purpose and another bag for that purpose. Same with jacket manufacturers.I think part of my "problem" is hereditary. My dad has been been adding to and subtracting from his bag and jacket...
Personally, I think it's a good-looking SC, but it definitely reads "fall/winter" to me. More to do with the color than the texture; I'd put that on the darker end of the mid-grey continuum. I generally prefer to wear lighter colors in the "(hot) summer". But, YMMV as I'm not a big black/grey guy. I'd be interested to hear what others think.
Just sent an email to Sarah confirming my order of a pair of black Alfred Sargent Armfields. Very much looking forward to them. I haven't had a pair of black bals in over a decade, so I'm filling a glaring hole in my shoe collection. I've gotten by with an Alden #8 Cordovan punch cap (9015) as my go-to dress shoes. I think, at the discounted price (especially with lasted trees), these are very nice shoes at an excellent price point. With the infrequency I'll wear them...
Much appreciated.
I'll gladly be your beneficiary if you're an 8.5.
May I do the same? Would like to order the black Armfields in a 7.5F (presuming that is roughly equivalent to a US 8.5D).
I'm not married to blue suede, but would like a blue of some sort.
Are the codes on the card a long, unique number? Sometimes they're just a short, four- or five-digit code that are clearly not unique.
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