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As others have mentioned, this is yet another disappointing sale from RL. I had added several items to my wish list prior to the 30% + 15% "Private" Sale, the large majority of which were not marked down during that sale; I bought the few pieces that were marked down, hoping a few more would be marked down for this sale. This time, of the over one dozen items on my wish list, one of them (a RRL sportshirt) was included in the sale. Maybe the employee discount leak...
Not to pile on, Don, but all three of his points were spot-on. Perhaps he could have delivered the message with a bit less snark, but he did mention that it was meant with good intention.As for the positive thinking/seeing negative aspects part, one of the main advantages of this board (generally) and thread (specifically) is getting honest, constructively critical feedback. I'd rather be told the pattern of my shirt is too big, the opening of my pants is too wide for...
From the perspective of someone with a similar build to Don's, bicep-hugging polo shirts generally don't work for us. I bought a RRL one during the last sale, but sent it back based solely on the sleeves (about a half-inch too short and just a bit too tight). I will say, if Don wants a marginal improvement in the fit of the shirt, he could have the sleeves taken in slightly.
Off-whites are tough for me, too. Fingers crossed this one works for you. Good-looking shirt.
Buy one for me and I'll check out the quality for you. PM for sizing and shipping details.
They look great. Looking even more forward to mine now.
I thought it seemed pretty high, too, but hadn't priced that model. With the discount, it gets it back to normal Filson pricing. Looks like retail on the normal twill field bag is $249. Makes yours appear to be quite the bargain.
What is the promo code? Is it for sale items only?
Those put me over the edge. Does anyone know of a wait list for Cigar Indy's with commando soles and speedhooks?
Those look phenomenal.
New Posts  All Forums: