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A much-appreciated, timely response.
I'm not an AE guy, but if I had to choose only three shoes to cover all situations from jeans to job interview, I'd choose: - Cordovan #8 perforated captoe balmoral (presuming this hypothetical excludes funerals and black-tie optional weddings; otherwise, I'd opt for a black calfskin, straight captoe balmoral) - Brown longwing blucher (possibly with a rubber sole for the most casual end of the jean spectrum) - Tan venetian or penny loafers This would cover: - Jeans- LWB...
I've looked at that shoe a few times and I think I've concluded it's neither fish nor fowl. If I wanted a dressy loafer, I'd want something more elegant than that one; and, if I wanted a casual shoe, the finish on that one is too formal. I can't imagine a middle ground where I'd wear that shoe.
Do their penny loafers fit similarly to their venetian loafers? I recently bought a pair of the Brooks Brothers cordovan venetian loafers that seem to fit pretty TTS; if anything, they seem to run slightly small; I definitely could not have sized down in them.
+1 on the sleeves. You could also clean up the back a bit. But, if it's going to be worn casually, I'd leave the back as it is.
Thanks for the heads up. Definitely some nice deals. Wish the watches were a bit smaller. I've been looking for an inexpensive, yet quality automatic watch with a simple white or silver face. From what I read, Seiko makes a nice watch, but the 41.6 mm diameter would dwarf my wrist.
You might have better luck posting this on the Streetwear & Denim forum. Maybe this bump will help here, too.
I'm in the same minority. I wore a pair of 5-eyelet shoes this past weekend that I hadn't worn in forever and had left the barred laces in place. I was very annoyed as I tightened them.
I asked this question on another thread and never got an answer. The pics below will better illustrate what I was asking then.I would like an unlined PTB in navy suede, but have only run across the Dover. Does anyone know of a store that sells an unlined PTB in navy suede?Or, is the reason the suedes seem to be made in the Dover style is that "piece of leather that the eyelets are in that extends in an arc down to the welt" is needed for structure in an unlined suede...
If you're tired of solid white and solid blue, I think pink gingham is a good option. I'm not a fan of navy tie/navy jacket. You might look for a tie that has a light or medium blue with pink in it to tie (no pun intended) all three pieces together. I did a quick google image search of "pink gingham shirt with tie" and this image came up; I think it provides enough contrast against the navy blazer and avoids looking like an easter egg because isn't too pastel.It's from...
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