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If one hasn't already messaged you, there is an employee of the Chicago Michigan Ave store who posts in the RRL thread on the S&D forum. I don't recall his name, but I have bought from him over the phone before with no issues.
I'm not completely on-board with the StyleForvm groupthink bent against all things knit and zippered. I like the clean line of some zippered knits (either full-zip or even, Gasp!, 1/4-zip). I think it's especially appropriate for merino.I think the zipper vs. button appropriateness continuum closely correlates to the thin/smooth vs. thick/chunky continuum.
Gotcha. I presumed that was the case. Thank you.
Nice score on the $505 Fitz. Thanks to both of you for the info. I have a wedding to attend in March; thought the post-Christmas (or possibly Christmas or pre-Christmas, based on zippy's info) sale would be a good time to kop a suit.Another question. Since selection is scarce in some styles/colors/sizes, would it be possible to buy a staple (e.g., solid navy) in my size at the sale price on 12/24-26, then exchange in late February once selection has been replenished...
What was the discount (and kicker?) for suits on December 26th last year?
I asked the same question about a week ago. According to post #5051 in response to my question, bags were included in the accessories sales last year.
Not sure if a SA can do this for you, but someone in their customer service department should be able to look up that info. I would think he/she could pass that info along to the SA so everything is on the up and up.
Do any of you recall if one of the one-day sale categories is accessories? If so, was it a 30% or 40% discount? I'm interested in one of the Filson bags. Might those be excluded?
Thanks for the consideration. Alas, I am a 8.5-9.
What size are you? I could help you cull #4. I agree that #3 is a nicer looking loafer, but I need a casual basic black penny loafer.
New Posts  All Forums: