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I'm in the same minority. I wore a pair of 5-eyelet shoes this past weekend that I hadn't worn in forever and had left the barred laces in place. I was very annoyed as I tightened them.
I asked this question on another thread and never got an answer. The pics below will better illustrate what I was asking then.I would like an unlined PTB in navy suede, but have only run across the Dover. Does anyone know of a store that sells an unlined PTB in navy suede?Or, is the reason the suedes seem to be made in the Dover style is that "piece of leather that the eyelets are in that extends in an arc down to the welt" is needed for structure in an unlined suede...
If you're tired of solid white and solid blue, I think pink gingham is a good option. I'm not a fan of navy tie/navy jacket. You might look for a tie that has a light or medium blue with pink in it to tie (no pun intended) all three pieces together. I did a quick google image search of "pink gingham shirt with tie" and this image came up; I think it provides enough contrast against the navy blazer and avoids looking like an easter egg because isn't too pastel.It's from...
Thanks. I think you're right that I'd likely have the same issue. Nice shoes at a great price. I'm sure someone with narrower feet will snap them up.
I'm curious about your fit issue with this shoe. I generally wear an 8.5D in Alden and most other brands, but don't own any Allen Edmonds. I'm generally pretty easy to fit, but I do have a slightly narrow heel and a slightly wide forefoot.
I did the same. You can help me kneecap wurger if we don't like them.
I bought the tan cordovan venetians during the corporate sale. Love them.I had been waiting for the tan suede beefroll pennies at Club Monaco to be marked down, but they're now sold out of my size.
Double post
Love the Dover. Can't help with your fit question, but will suggest you also ask your question here as well:http://www.styleforum.net/t/291745/edward-green-appreciation-pictures-info-and-where-to-buy
Neat that you got to meet him.I, too, try to stop in each time I'm in Atlanta (usually only once or twice a year). He recently opened a store in Houston, but I haven't had a chance to visit that one yet.
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