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I agree with the above and the above that.
When I read your request and before I read Thero's helpful reply, Pinto Ranch in NorthPark came to mind. I was in the store last weekend and they have quite a few Filson bags (didn't notice if they had the duffle, specifically); if you do go in, I noticed they have Filson displays on both the men's and women's sides. Going down the list, the guys at Collector's Covey are nice, but I haven't been there recently and don't know what they might have in stock; if you've never...
I've been sitting on my hands thinking about buying a pair of Rancourt shoes from the Canadian site (via proxy); I finally decided to pull the trigger and now the additional 40% off sale items is no longer in effect. If I was ordering for myself, I likely would have pressed the issue and asked a manager to honor the discount. But, since I was going to have someone else order, then ship to me, I decided it wasn't worth the effort.
When is the next semi-annual sale?
Congrats to them. Definitely my favorite. Haven't been to Atlanta this year and didn't have a chance to stop in the new store last time I was in Houston. Need to swing by one of them soon.
Quick sizing question. I have two pairs of Rancourts: 1. Natural cordovan Brooks Brothers venetian loafers - size 8.5 2. Brown CXL beefroll penny loafer - size 8.5 The cordovans fit nice and snug without socks. The CXL fit slightly larger (but not too big...yet) What size would I need in a Ranger Moc? At 40% off, I'm tempted by these navy ones. But, if the camp mocs tend to run large, I think I'll...
Another fan of this thread. Haven't pulled the trigger on anything yet. But, I've seen plenty that would have been tough to pass up had they been my size.
AgreedGood call. I'm 5'8" and pockets that are too low are especially noticeable on guys our size. You would have never been happy with it.
Thanks for the heads up. If they had the tan in a size 8 (they recommend sizing down by 0.5), I likely would have pulled the trigger.
Ah, I didn't read the date closely. Thought it was last week.While in college, I worked for a retailer that had periodic warehouse sales. There was usually quite a bit of good stuff (in addition to even more leftovers and unwanteds); but they also had more locations, ergo more downflow inventory, than Ann/Sid. As you mentioned in your previous post, try to get there early for the best selection.
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