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Light blue is fine (certainly better than the burgundy check). But, "work equally" is a bit of a stretch; for an evening event, the "rule" is to wear white. But, most people (unless this is an extremely well-heeled crowd) wouldn't give a light blue shirt a second thought.
^^^ Solid advice.
I agree the cracking issue is one worth exchanging for replacement. I can't imagine that area holding up well if it's already in that condition. That rubber mold issue would have annoyed me every time I looked at it, but not to the point of replacing a sole that will need to be replaced with a year or two of wear anyway.
Presuming you don't work in men's retail, 95% of people you run across would never notice closed vs. open laces. That said, I did a quick search of the Shoe Bank's stock in my size (8.5D) and saw two open lace styles that might work if rubber soles aren't a deal-killer: Banchory Fenway
Agreed on the third. Unless you think most attendees will be dressed pretty formally, in which case I'd go with the first.
That is a great deal. If I didn't already have it in navy, I'd probably be all over it. I love my medium travel bag; hope you enjoy yours.
Numerous cows.
It's rather difficult to opine on this outfit since I cannot see your hair.
Since you're wanting to wear both in business and casual settings, I would definitely go with the long wing.
I called a store in Canada looking for a particular sale item and the discount begins tomorrow (Wednesday). Likely the same in the U.S.
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