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It's rather difficult to opine on this outfit since I cannot see your hair.
Since you're wanting to wear both in business and casual settings, I would definitely go with the long wing.
I called a store in Canada looking for a particular sale item and the discount begins tomorrow (Wednesday). Likely the same in the U.S.
Looks pretty suit-y to me.
FYI: The extra 40% off on sales items is back this weekend.
Just an FYI: The Club Monaco 40% off of sale items is back on through Monday. There are a few Rancourt and Mark McNairy styles in the men's sale section.
I agree with the above and the above that.
When I read your request and before I read Thero's helpful reply, Pinto Ranch in NorthPark came to mind. I was in the store last weekend and they have quite a few Filson bags (didn't notice if they had the duffle, specifically); if you do go in, I noticed they have Filson displays on both the men's and women's sides. Going down the list, the guys at Collector's Covey are nice, but I haven't been there recently and don't know what they might have in stock; if you've never...
I've been sitting on my hands thinking about buying a pair of Rancourt shoes from the Canadian site (via proxy); I finally decided to pull the trigger and now the additional 40% off sale items is no longer in effect. If I was ordering for myself, I likely would have pressed the issue and asked a manager to honor the discount. But, since I was going to have someone else order, then ship to me, I decided it wasn't worth the effort.
When is the next semi-annual sale?
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