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Yeah, I was on the fence with these. But, the 40% off $199 made me pull the trigger.Wore them for the first time today. They are ridiculously comfortable. Nice and snug without being tight. Hope they don't stretch too much.Wish I had the same luck with the suede penny loafers. They were just too tight and, thus, can be found in B&S.
If you plan to wait for the Brooks Brothers 40% off in December, make sure you find out which day the baggage/accessories sale goes live and place your order soon after midnight EST of that day. Inventory moves quickly. I recall the bag I wanted (navy 256) was sold out by mid-morning last year; fortunately, the person who was buying it for me as a gift stayed up late to order after midnight.
Recently acquired navy ranger mocs from Club Monaco.
I dig.Did you have those MTO or were they a special makeup for a retailer?
I recently purchased a pair of size 8.5M lined tan suede penny loafers from Club Monaco (made by Rancourt & Co.). They are unused with the exception of trying them on. I really like the shoes. Unfortunately, the fit is simply too snug. I would say they fit closer to a 8.0M than a 8.5M. I have other Rancourts (a natural shell venetian from Brooks Brothers, a brown CXL penny loafer from Massdrop, and a navy CXL ranger moc from Club Monaco) in size 8.5M, all of which fit...
Quick question regarding Rancourt lined suede penny loafers -- do they stretch at all? I bought a pair of the Club Monaco tan suede penny loafers during their 40% off sale items sale and they are very snug. I have two pairs of unlined Rancourt loafers (natural shell venetian from Brooks Brothers and a brown CXL penny from Massdrop), both of which fit TTS. The lined suede ones fit at least a half-size smaller out of the box. Also bought a pair of the navy CXL ranger...
Not sure of your definition of "break the bank", but Suit Supply sells relatively (to high-end brands) affordable outerwear.
A very good idea.It's really not fair for those who haven't been following this thread for a long time to be subjected to this......when asking a legitimate question.
Pics, please.
I dig your jacket as well. I'm sure you've answered this question elsewhere, but may I ask what brand/where to buy?
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