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Sounds a bit staid for a cocktail party.
Agreed. I have a pair of tan suede chukkas that I wear much less than I thought I would (he said while wearing the tan suede chukkas). I think my next Alden purchase will be some snuff suede Dovers.
Yes. Way too much going on.I'm not a big blue on blue on blue on blue fan. But, even if there were some non-blue relief, that would still be quite busy. I think the most offensive part is the matchy-matchy tie and suspenders. I also don't think that shirt, with two pockets, lends itself well to a tie and suspenders. I don't have an issue with any of the pieces individually (I could see myself wearing each of them as parts of different outfits), but together they're a...
I see you tried to order one of the RLPL jackets, so this reply may be a day late and a dollar short. But, to answer your question above, RL usually has a 30% + 15% sale in late October. I just looked at my order history and saw I placed an order last year on 10/27. I don't know what is and is not included in that sale.
If you're looking for "quality American-made (CBD-appropriate) shoes", Allen Edmonds and Alden are your best options. I think "solid" is a good description for the AE 5th Avenue. Many on this forum (and others) consider AE the best value in their price range. I don't follow the AE sales, but that appears to be a good price on shoes that definitely "fit the bill" as CBD-appropriate. Being in New York, it shouldn't be too hard to find a store where you can try them on...
I didn't want to be the first to poo-poo the jacket. I would agree that it's a bit of a weird pattern; but it is kind of "fun". If you have several sportcoats and want to wear this one as an occasional change of pace, I could see a use for it. But, like Wired suggested, I'd wait until sale season to pick it up. Not a piece I'd pay anywhere close to retail for.
Thanks for the heads up. I wish more people would post when they find a "deal" on Filson product.
SOLD Bought this tie from SpoopOker on his recent Luxe Swap "Premier Sale". I really, really like it, but the fact that it's 3" wide (maybe a smidgen wider - see pic with ruler) makes it too narrow for this wide-body. Since I had never seen (or heard of) a Kiton reversible cashmere tie, I did a bit of Google-ing to see if I could learn anything about it. Here are a couple of...
Definitely worth paying a bit of a premium to get exactly what you want sometimes. Both sound like great shirts.
Like it all, especially those tankers.
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