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FYI for our forvmites in Atlanta. Here is what is linked to the "Click Here". http://www.sidmashburn.com/the-warehouse-sale?utm_source=Sid+Mashburn+%26+Ann+Mashburn+Mailing+List&utm_campaign=a51ae7c1dc-20140219britesofspring&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_908eb67e08-a51ae7c1dc-391571985
I ordered a pair of black calfskin Alfred Sargent Exclusive Armfield dress shoes in a size 7.5F (UK) / 8.5D (US) during A Fine Pair of Shoes' promotion when they were offering a 25% discount, free lasted shoe trees, and free shipping. I also requested they add a metal toe tap (for an additional £35 ($58) charge). I received them earlier this week and they look absolutely great. However, the fit is not perfect for me; they are slightly tight (I am generally somewhere...
Definitely return/exchange. Few things are more annoying than that pair of shoes that doesn't quite fit correctly. You almost certainly don't want your quintessential dress shoe to be that pair. That said, very nice looking shoes you got there.
Agreed on the "all class". If I might ask, where did you get the EG for the price of AS? Was this a one-off kind of thing? Or, is a similar price still available?
Got my shoes yesterday. Shipped from England on Thursday and received in Dallas, TX on Monday morning.Just wanted to say one more time what a pleasure it was working with Julian and Sarah. I can't recommend them enough.
I think those may be mine. Got an email a day or two ago saying my black Armfield with toe taps were being sent.Very excited. AFPOS has been great to work with.
I'd stick with white.
Thanks for your reply. I presumed that was the case.I'll contemplate for a few days. If I still think I have to have them, maybe I'll arrange some sort of proxy arrangement.
X-post from the Rancourt thread. Will ClubMonaco.ca ship to the US? They appear to have inventory in a Rancourt shoe I've been eyeing that has sold out in my size on the US site.
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