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One more who would be in for this one. Would prefer pull tab, but not a deal-breaker without; would prefer all eyelets, but could deal with speedhooks.On edit, per Fok's request: #13 of the proposed options. Later in the thread, it appears a few people prefer contrast upper stitching; if this one ends up being a finalist, might want to see what the majority prefer.
Alden black calfskin NST. Good condition. Will sell for $130 shipped in continental US (elsewhere, will have to check shipping cost).
Probably too late for my response to be of use. I recently bought a pair of the navy ranger mocs and really like them as a change of pace shoe from all the brown shoes I normally wear. I really haven't worn them enough for there to be much visible wear.
Pulled the trigger today on the shirt I was eyeing as a gift. Joined ShopRunner several months ago when they were running a free promo on Brooks Brothers site. Since I've used the service a few times, they extended my "membership" to a year (I think). No complaints about 25% off sale and free two-day shipping roughly a week before Christmas.
Does anyone know what promo starts tomorrow (Wed the 17th)? The spend $100/$200/$300, save 10%/20%/30% promo ends today (Tue the 16th). Want to buy a $99 sale dress shirt. Would need to find a sub-$10 item to take advantage of the 10% off. Hoping they may get more serious about blowing out old merchandise.
I've got the 256 and generally carry a laptop, some papers, a small umbrella, a sunglasses case, and a small bag about the same size as the small umbrella. I'm sure you've seen, but there are also some compartments for pens, phone, business cards, etc.For your everyday use, I think the 257 would be overkill. I've considered buying the 258 for when I travel, but haven't pulled the trigger.
Interested. Which loafer and are there pics of the Italian horsehide?
This reply may be a bit late, but I'd suggest using a piece of cloth between the iron and the trousers. Do a search for "pressing cloth".
You are putting too much thought into it. Sounds like you've decided on the right bag for your needs and black seems to works for your aesthetic.My aesthetic is definitely more blues and browns than black, but I think that black duffle looks great. Definitely not "boring" or just "another piece of luggage". Also, I think the brass hardware adds a bit of warmth to the black on black look of the bags, whereas brushed chrome or something in the silver/grey/black family...
They've gotten progressively more disappointing each year for the the past 3-4 years. I used to load up twice a year (spring and fall) during the 40% 30% +15% sales. I believe I bought one sportshirt in the spring. Haven't looked at what's on sale this time yet.
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