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Might be interested. Can you please post pics of the jeans laid flat (front and back). Also, can you post measurements of hips, rise, and leg opening?
I requested access last evening and had been granted this morning. Much appreciated for the quick response.How would you say these shoes compare, quality-wise, to the AS Armfield?
I like those shoes as well. Are they still available? I don't see them on the AFPoS website, but I may not be looking in the right place. I bought a pair of the Alfred Sargent Armfield a year or so ago, but ended up selling them. Couldn't get past the rounded toe and they weren't very comfortable out of the box for me. I would be very interested in a similar shoe with a slightly more squared-off toe.My great-grandfather told me to never trust a woman in a blazer or a...
Great pair of shoes. I bought a pair 5-ish years ago. Love them.
Was disappointed the fatty didn't make the first cut, then missed it when it made one of the subsequent cuts.
One more who would be in for the waxed flesh fatty. I'm on too infrequently and missed the vote with your dollars round.
Need to pick up a navy grenadine tie on short notice. Would prefer one that is roughly 3.5" wide. Any suggestions on who might have some in stock and could ship to the U.S. By mid-week?
One more who would be in for this one. Would prefer pull tab, but not a deal-breaker without; would prefer all eyelets, but could deal with speedhooks.On edit, per Fok's request: #13 of the proposed options. Later in the thread, it appears a few people prefer contrast upper stitching; if this one ends up being a finalist, might want to see what the majority prefer.
Alden black calfskin NST. Good condition. Will sell for $130 shipped in continental US (elsewhere, will have to check shipping cost).
Probably too late for my response to be of use. I recently bought a pair of the navy ranger mocs and really like them as a change of pace shoe from all the brown shoes I normally wear. I really haven't worn them enough for there to be much visible wear.
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