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I've got the 256 and generally carry a laptop, some papers, a small umbrella, a sunglasses case, and a small bag about the same size as the small umbrella. I'm sure you've seen, but there are also some compartments for pens, phone, business cards, etc.For your everyday use, I think the 257 would be overkill. I've considered buying the 258 for when I travel, but haven't pulled the trigger.
Interested. Which loafer and are there pics of the Italian horsehide?
This reply may be a bit late, but I'd suggest using a piece of cloth between the iron and the trousers. Do a search for "pressing cloth".
You are putting too much thought into it. Sounds like you've decided on the right bag for your needs and black seems to works for your aesthetic.My aesthetic is definitely more blues and browns than black, but I think that black duffle looks great. Definitely not "boring" or just "another piece of luggage". Also, I think the brass hardware adds a bit of warmth to the black on black look of the bags, whereas brushed chrome or something in the silver/grey/black family...
They've gotten progressively more disappointing each year for the the past 3-4 years. I used to load up twice a year (spring and fall) during the 40% 30% +15% sales. I believe I bought one sportshirt in the spring. Haven't looked at what's on sale this time yet.
Sounds a bit staid for a cocktail party.
Agreed. I have a pair of tan suede chukkas that I wear much less than I thought I would (he said while wearing the tan suede chukkas). I think my next Alden purchase will be some snuff suede Dovers.
Yes. Way too much going on.I'm not a big blue on blue on blue on blue fan. But, even if there were some non-blue relief, that would still be quite busy. I think the most offensive part is the matchy-matchy tie and suspenders. I also don't think that shirt, with two pockets, lends itself well to a tie and suspenders. I don't have an issue with any of the pieces individually (I could see myself wearing each of them as parts of different outfits), but together they're a...
I see you tried to order one of the RLPL jackets, so this reply may be a day late and a dollar short. But, to answer your question above, RL usually has a 30% + 15% sale in late October. I just looked at my order history and saw I placed an order last year on 10/27. I don't know what is and is not included in that sale.
If you're looking for "quality American-made (CBD-appropriate) shoes", Allen Edmonds and Alden are your best options. I think "solid" is a good description for the AE 5th Avenue. Many on this forum (and others) consider AE the best value in their price range. I don't follow the AE sales, but that appears to be a good price on shoes that definitely "fit the bill" as CBD-appropriate. Being in New York, it shouldn't be too hard to find a store where you can try them on...
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