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I finally got my hands on some Wolf Vs Goat shirts from Farinelli's, and I can report that their XS size works pretty good for short/slim dudes. Measurements are on the site and it's tough not to make generalizations because everyone's proportions are different, but if you're familiar with how Band of Outsiders fits, this is similar, although slightly slimmer in the arms and chest (!) and a slightly longer length, but still wearable for short dudes. I'm looking forward to...
The grey oxford is one of my favorite shirts! Good luck with the sale.
thanks for the info guys, i'll stick with them!
I tried on a pair at barney's co-op a while ago. The power stretch fabric is really strange and doesn't feel anything like regular denim. I'm not sure what you mean about the leg opening in comparison to new cures but the leg opening on the skinny guys is fairly small, around 7" in a size 29"-30".
Quote: Originally Posted by youngscientist American Apparel Oxford shirts- Total rubbish? looking for a cheap, slimmer Oxford a bit better than the Uniqlo jobs I have. I'm selling an AA oxford for cheap, check my sig if you're an XS. I don't have any personal experience with Uniqlo oxfords so I can't compare them directly, but the AA oxfords have a nice fit if you're skinny. Like Bluemagic said, the quality is pretty low, but if you can get...
They resemble dark blue burlap sacks more than the pictures i saw in the post your denim thread
I bought a pair of 005s (one wash) and I'm sort of on the fence about them. I like the fit, but the denim itself is really hairy, bumpy and slubby. It's also extremely dark. I expected a little slubbiness from the pictures I had seen online, but not to this degree. Does the denim smooth out as you wear it? I'm assuming soaks will lighten the color up.
someone pm'd me but hasnt paid yet...i'll let you know if it doesn't work out!
sold pending payment.
jon, i got your pm on that. sorry i didnt reply earlier. The R&B piece is nice but doesn't really fit my style. Thanks for the offer though.
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