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Quote: Originally Posted by grouper The madras shirts this season are much less slim than the "secret wash" shirts. Damn, really? I've only tried the pinpoint oxfords which were really baggy. Guess i should try a secret wash shirt. Thanks for the tip.
i picked up the red/blue madras i think an above poster is talking about. It does fit noticeably slimmer than other J.Crew shirts I've tried, but i'm an XS so it's still a little baggy and too long. I think i'll take it to a tailor. But i'm pleasantly surprised with the fit.
Quote: Originally Posted by kelvinsense this is true Kelvin what size do you wear in the JtG shirts?
bump, price drop on both sweaters.
Price drop on both sweaters.
Chinos are sold, the sweaters are still available.
Hey guys, I've got some Wings + Horns pieces from Fall 09 for sale. Please search my name on the forum and you'll see I've been involved in a lot of smooth transactions. Everything has been worn gently and washed, free of any defects. All prices include USPS Priority shipping in the continental US. Please PM me for international shipping; international buyers pay the full cost of shipping. Thanks for looking! *** Wings + Horns Heavy Fleece Zip Cardigan in Navy...
so many horror stories, but there doesnt seem to be any real alternative to Quoddy as far as I cal tell. I can't seem to find anyone else making quality camp-sole mocs in non-boat shoe styles, though there seem to be several options for crepe sole versions.
The way it flares out at the bottom is a little weird. Can you tuck it in?
They're closer to the oxfords in fit, i.e. slimmer in the body. I think they may actually be slimmer than BoO. I prefer the fit of the regular woven BoO shirts.
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