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price drop
pm'd you again, i'm interested.
Definitely interested! Please post full measurements (including front rise) and pics! I'll probably snag the 24 or 25 if you decide to sell.
Hey everyone, I've got a pair of like-new APC Petit Standards size 29 for sale. Just bought them on this forum and they're too big so I'm looking to sell. These retail for $165. Price: $115 shipped USPS in the continental US only. No international buyers please. The original seller says: Quote: Hi, I have APC PS and nudie dry black for sale...bought from a month ago..but then I bought also nudie and shearer, and end up wearing the PS only for...
Thom Yorke is small as hell and those don't look especially tight on him so my guess is they're Petit Standards sized down 1 if it all. If you're a 30 waist get a 29? That's my advice.
sent you a pm again.
the "sahara" colored topsiders are a lighter brown than the one you might be looking at.
short/skinny people get screwed over by mall brand sizing, this is nothing new. I like J.Crew but I'm tired of having to get the XS shirts tailored every time.
pm'd you, are these still for sale?
Quote: Originally Posted by JackM I also bought one of the secret wash shirts and it felt as baggy as the madras, but maybe that's just my anorexic physique. Random question (not S/S 10 related, sorry): I'm tempted to buy the shawl cardigan on final sale here, but I'm worried that it will be ultra-baggy like everything else I've tried on at jcrew. Have any of you tried it on? Can an alterations...
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