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APCs, RRLs, and Uniqlo pink oxford sold. edit: oops, i see that i'm not supposed to bump the thread every time something sells now. Won't happen again! edit 2: WvG shirts are sold.
PBJs and Blue Uniqlo Oxford sold.
Hey everyone! I'm trying to let go of a bunch of stuff i've accumulated from SF that's just been sitting in my closet. Some stuff has never been worn, some stuff has been worn a bunch, but it all has to go! Everything is priced to move but I will accept reasonable offers and give discounts if you buy more than one thing. This stuff isn't doing me any good just sitting in my closet so I'd rather have it gone! All items are from a non-smoking pet-free household. All prices...
Bought a RRL oxford that's maybe a little too pink for me. Anyone have any experience using RIT color remover in a wash cycle (or some other method) to fade a shirt? Feel free to let me know how sacrilegious this idea is.
does RRL denim come in different inseams sizes or no? Seems like everything I've seen on eBay has a 34" inseam.
I wish more stores carried Gitman XS. All context has are short-sleeve summer shirts. I like the stuff that Epaulet just got in, but no XS
price drop
I have a pair of broken-in urban slim chinos in 28x32, the smallest size made. Here are the measurements: waist: 14.5 rise: 9.25 thigh: 10.75 inseam: 31 hem: 7 The Stanton pants in the same size fit the same. Hope this helps.
I had some J.crew shirts tailored and told the guy to slim down the arms. Now theres some pulling in the chest, but the tailor didn't do anything to slim down the body. Any idea why slimming the arms would make the chest tighter?
yeah, i wish rugby sold an XS.
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