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Those look awesome, gwydion. How long did those fades take? I had the same kind and they didn't fade much at all in a few months, but they're for sale now.
No clue about Brooks Brothers but I actually just emailed J.Crew about their chino sizing since I was curious. These are for the Essential Chinos: Urban Slim Classic Fit Regular Fit Think I might try the Classic Fit. I have a pair of Urban Slims and sort of hate the way it tapers below the knee. Classic Fit seems the same from the knee up.
The article seems to indicate that clothes are no longer specifically sized larger for the American market. My only experience with Uniqlo was some XS oxfords from a few years ago that fit like an american Small. Is it true the sizing is smaller?
what size is the J.crew gingham?
I'm looking for a slim, unstructured blazer / sportcoat in an uncommon size (34/36 us, 44 eu). Any options out there or should i go with TaT or something?
Hey everyone, Looking for an unstructured blazer/sportcoat in a size 34 us or 44 eu. Slim fitting, in a dark color. Wool or cotton. Something I can wear with a collared shirt and jeans. Thanks!
great fit on those shirts kryptix. And those are an XS? God damn my weird proportions. My shirts don't even look that good once they come back from the tailor
Price drop on the N&F jeans. I will accept offers on them, i just want them gone! thanks
I feel like shortening the rise is going to be a crazy amount of work. The tailor is going to have to mess with the zipper and pockets and everything.
I dont know if you're kidding or not, but I remember reading that the straights have a pretty high rise which would indicate to me that sagging is a valid way to wear them, unless you're really tall or like wearing your jeans up to your armpits.
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