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I'm interested in buying a new pair of RRL jeans after being pretty happy with an older pair that I bought here in the buy/sell forum. Unfortunately, I don't live anywhere close to a store that carriers RRL. I've read that RRL stores do phone orders, and I have a general idea of the different cuts that are available, but I have no idea what any of the washes look like or their exact measurements. Any idea if a sales associate would be willing to give me that...
You can email their customer service department for precise measurements, they're pretty good about that. Anecdotally, for button-down shirts, I'd say they fit slimmer than Gap in all dimensions, especially the chest, although they're longer in body length. I haven't tried anything from the Gap in a few years though.
That was on May 22. How weird.
I like that blue checked one but they don't have it in 14.5 x 32. I agree with whoever said that the pocket is slightly too large, I also find that it's placed a little low on the chest but I'm short so that's probably a factor. Don't know if this is common knowledge but I emailed customer service asking when the extra-slim fits might be offered in non-iron and got this response: Quote: Thank you for contacting Brooks Brothers customer service. We are...
can i have measurements on the khakis, and also, what size do you wear in chucks / sperrys / etc? thanks!
measurements on the HM blazer? is it a short or a regular? and is it wool? thanks!
to use the student discount online just send them an email from your school email with your order number and say you want to apply your discount on the order.
thanks, i was thinking about checking them out. Too bad they don't have a webstore.
Slim fitting, relatively low rise (9.5" rise maximum) wool pants in a 28 waist? or ~29 waist if it's true to size? Dark colors, work appropriate.
Do any shorter people have experience with these? I'm 5'6" and wondering if the rise is too high for me.
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