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called the nearest store to me, next tuesday (the 27th) for men's collection.
I've been in contact with Jason about a suit, but i'm interested in what SF has to say. I already have the boring, boxy charcoal business suit covered, and now i'm looking for a fashion-forward suit that I can wear to weddings and social events, and hopefully use the coat as a separate and pair it with denim. I'm looking for pattern / color suggestions - I was thinking black, and Jason suggested black flannel. Haven't seen too many people in this thread wearing black...
vintage slim is a weird fit in my opinion - the rise is too high and the thighs are baggy but it also tapers fairly severely to the ankle.
Quote: Originally Posted by bleepthat Does anyone know how the hell to distinguish the womens/mens denim?? Theres a couple of pairs floating around that I am interested in but am suspicious about. For example the guy in the FS forum with multiple slim fits/boot cuts and ebay seller tiffw-ut If you read his thread carefully this dude says that he thinks they're women's jeans, too. Looking at the rise measurements and low number of buttons it...
Quote: Originally Posted by as_ @van, I have a few J. Crew stores in the area that I live in, but none of them carry shirts in extra-smalls. I'm a bit hesitant to purchase shirts online, since I always like to try them on before I make the buy. Paying for shipping isn't exactly my idea of fun either. My store doesn't carry XS either, but I like to go to the store and check out how the patterns/fabrics look in real life, and then make a phone...
I realize this doesnt answer your question but why don't you just buy xs? I've gotten j.crew stuff tailored before and whether its worth it or not is ultimately up to you. If you're very particular about fit, go for it.
Here's measurements on the slim-fit compared to the regular-fit in the secret wash button downs in size XS. This is from a customer service rep. Looks like the arms are indeed slimmer. Slim-Fit Center back length - 28.5 Across shoulders - 16.5 Chest circumference - 37.5 Waist circumference - 35 Armhole circumference - 18.25 Muscle circumference 1" below armhole - 15 Sleeve length from center back - 33.25 Regular-Fit Center back length - 29.25 Across...
Quote: Originally Posted by pokpok yes, i hope the arms are slimmer more than a slimmer body. im thinking about emailing them for measurements on a regular fit and the new slim fit shirt. I emailed them earlier today asking for this information. I'll post it if they reply.
I really hope the "slim fit" shirt has narrower arms.
You literally go in and explain to him what you want done to the shirt. One thing I would be sure to mention is that you want the new hem of the shirt to follow the shape of the existing hem. I neglected to mention that detail once and a tailor cut the hem off completely straight all around like a t-shirt.
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