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So... I ask this woman out for high tea at the Adolphus here in Dallas. We meet there.... Have the tomato and cucumber sandwiches, crust cut off of course, the Earl Gray... We gradually move over to the lounge just outside the French Room. Split a delightful bottle of Ferrari Carano chardonnay. She is slowly crossing and uncrossing her legs... I catch just a glimpse of a stocking top and garter belt... She coyingly looks at me and asks me very directly if I...
Quote: Originally Posted by MrDaniels A bit of imperfection is what lets the viewer know that it is a self-tie and not a clip-on. Don't be so worried and enjoy your wedding! +1
Am in Dallas, Will take pics of mine tonight. I don't wear them with suits to court but with jeans, etc. Mine include: 1). Sea Lion 2). Burnt orange Ostrich with kangaroo tops and a burnt orange longhorn in ostrich on the front 3). Anteater in chocolate brown 4). black crocodile with hand tooled leather top All bespoke. There's a bootmaker in Oklahoma who measures your foot 6 different ways, makes a cast of your foot and then makes the boot around it. ...
Just say it was a nice antiquing process you used.
I picked up a pair of navy John Lobb Woodbridge shoes from a gentleman on this site. I love them. A most elegant shoe.
Copper River Salmon is available here in Dallas... flown in every day. $43 a pound. OUCH. But delicious.
Old Rose.. with medium gray or navy suits?
Slightly off topic... Why do most of you wear your timepieces on your left wrist? Even though I am right handed, I have always worn my watch on my right wrist.
I have a pair of bespoke, siena, cowboy boots made out of.... sea lion. will try to post pics on Monday.
Great transaction with Lefty... (no big surprise). Great seller.
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