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What's your waist and thigh measurements? I have a 34" waist and a 23" thigh, and i fin that 514's fit good, but 511's are tight even in the calf. Some recommedations for thunder-thighs here were 5EP LDB(good luck finding them anywhere), RB6's and 501's.
Psh, nothing's better than a wolf shirt.
So when he walks down the street with her, does every dude they walk by say, "what's up!" to her? Did she have the nickname "virgin slayer" in high school or anything?
"I lost 14 lbs on the 'stop eating like shit and exercise more' diet guys! It's an amazing breakthrough!"
Agreed on the Dianese. Both brands just kinda go hand-in-hand anyways. I can't believe i called it a 1099. I still want a 1098, though.
Quote: Originally Posted by erdawe I like the first one considerably better. However, when I see the first think I think of is Italy (colors and order is spot on)... so I personally would feel a little uncomfortable rockin that jacket unless I had some sort of tie to Italy or its culture. It would feel a little fakeed for me to wear it otherwise. The bike between his legs would be the tie, since it's Italian. If you're deadset on those...
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