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Went "all out" on a cheat day yesterday. Only got to about 6,400 cal. I don't know how dudes get to 10k. eating that much is actually harder than fasting. Looking forward to not eating today.
Quote: Originally Posted by embowafa
Quote: Originally Posted by ConcernedParent Depends on what Jet meant by "best player the last 13 years"... Statement is vague as hell. Subjective? Maybe. Vague as hell? Hardly. Besides, the list of guys who'd qualify for that title is prettyyyy pretty short. Duncan, Kobe, ???
Quote: Originally Posted by matik23 Wrong. Spoken like a true lakers fan, but not a basketball fan. Who's been better/won more over that time period.
Quote: Originally Posted by mrchariybrown thank you for posting them.. now I can show my friends this and make them feel like less of a man than a 9 year old girl +1 holeeee shit.
I have a set of bodylastics...used to use them all the time, but have transitioned to using actual free weights. If done properly with enough resistance, they can provide a killer workout. I love using them for resisted pushups.
Cyril: I was jacking it on the telephone. Archer: Does Internet porn know you were cheating on it?
I love this show so much. Ben Wa....BALLS. "this is like taking candy from a baby who hates candy!" can't wait to yell that when i win my first hand on the next Vegas trip. Last week's was the shit, too.
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