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Says the guy who hasn't seen Luther yet. Just wait.The President even agrees with me....
Watch Luther.
Just finished Season 1 last night.I agree that it's over the top and a bit cliche at times (i.e., SHE DIDN'T YAWN!! SHE DID IT!), but it's the execution and Elba's amazing acting that puts this show over the top.Plus...Alice. (If having a crush on a [[SPOILER]] is wrong, I don't want to be right)
No idea where else to post this. HOLY SHIT. Luther is so so good. From henceforth, Idris Elba is referred to as John Luther, not Stringer Bell.I almost want to start a dedicated Luther thread.
@Drenthe:Not super concrete evidence, since they're all teammates. But come player from TWO years ago bringing up some obscure stuff that no one can substantiate. If Messi was a racist player, there would be dudes coming out of the wood work.
That's great news. I wonder why there were such conflicting reports at first.
Shoshana's body surprised me. I'd take her virginity.
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