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Posts by embowafa line, by far was [[SPOILER]]
that Brandon Routh costume looks so dated. The boots alone look cheesy compared to the 2013 version.
SO pumped. I can't even imagine where this season will go.
And USC's 4 * average. Quality.
Is that Jon Snow or the gay boyfriend from Girls?
Damn. Kobe choked.
They showed a 4 min extended trailer during America's Got Talent tonight. That scene on the bridge was enough to sell me on it......awesome.
I think the technical term for it is "shit show"
I thought this was a really weird episode. Seeing Don stoop low to beat Ginsberg was weird....Don was able to get him with the zinger, but Ginsberg ultimately had a point. And Betty getting her shit thrown back in her face was awesome....Megan+Don+Sally's brain >>>> Betty's. I feel so bad for Henry, but that dude deserves everything he gets.
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