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+1 each one of those is brilliant. I particularly love Stephen Jackson's email about the Higgs Boson.
fucking goosebumps.
+1...I can't think of a more intense/emotional/jaw dropping fist fight. [[SPOILER]]
Didn't she already accept the fact that the money came from his gambling?I think it's another one of those previews where the reality is far less exciting than what the previews want you to think. I'm guessing she's wondering why her sister has become so depressed.
I'm sure that a free fall from a plane a couple thousand feet in the air wouldn't leave very much "physical" evidence of a dead body.BTW, everyone saying this movie was unrealistic, yet, praising just doesn't make any sense.To me, there are far more plot holes that bugged me about TDK that were reasonably explained in TDKR...for example...In TDK, every goddamn stunt the joker pulled involved THOUUUUUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of barrels of gasoline....Dent strapped to...
No, she's new to the gang.
I was surprised to see how much of the film took place in downtown LA. Just about every big car chase scene, was filmed there, particularly on Bunker Hill in Downtown.Btw, fucking loved the movie....I don't see how there's even a question that this was the best in the series. No other one moved me emotionally the way this one did.
god, i hope not. I'm putting my faith in the Nolan/Snyder combo. No way these two let this thing go haywire.
How much of that movie is going to be watching superman play "Deadliest Catch"
Really awesome feature on the Batmobile throughout history.
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