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it's not so much that batman got stronger than bane, he just learned that the mask was his weakness and attacked it. Makes sense to me.
Yeah, this opening ceremonies is a bag of The only cool thing is the molten steel olympic rings and the LED's in the stands.
Even the official uniforms are all weird.
He had me at "TIGHT....TIGHTTIGHT"RIP Tuco Salamanca
I watched the tail end. Japan was really the aggressor the whole time. Should have been 2-0 at least.
Walt is in such an arrogant zone right now that I don't think the thought of a car wash sustaining him and his family has crossed his mind once.
Per Vince Gilligan, it was purely to make time on the show. I guess there's a strict limit on how long it can be for commercials.Guys, I can't recommend the podcast enough. So much fun to hear how this show gets puts together. The attention to detail is unreal.
You didn't see it because the editors cut the scene short to only show Walt getting creepy on her. I mentioned it because we wouldn't know that was the original vision if not for the awesome podcast.
I highly recommend you everyone listen to the Breaking Bad Insider podcast. It provides some awesome insight into how the show was made....just a lot of cool insider details from Vince Gilligan, Cranston, other actors, editors, and directors. For example, did you know that creepy ending in the last episode actually involved Skyler giving Walt a handjob so as to prevent him from having sex with her?
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