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I'm considering it for myself
John Frusciante WAS one of the greatest guitarists of his generation....but his recent turn to this synth-pop/electronic stuff with little no guitar is just sad. I'm such a fan that I'll listen to whatever the guy does, and I actually enjoy his new music on its own, but for him to essentially turn his back on the instrument where he excels the most depresses me. There's nothing wrong with being a guitar GOD.
Only on a show like Breaking Bad could a scene of a tranquil, happy go lucky family barbecue turn your stomach to knots. My heart was beating out of my chest during that scene. So awesome. Who knew that Checkhov's Book would be Walt's undoing.
Because Gus knew the rule of "no half measures". Don't the ends sort of justify his thinking? He didn't get Walt and walt got him. Because Jesse is tired of murdering people, especially those (through deceit and manipulation) he's become attached to.
Absolutely...he now has to forcefully put on his "Walter White" face when hiding his new true identity of Heisenberg.
I think that was the point. Walt and Jesse sort of stood there trying to figure out what to do and then the pest guy had to pull out a gun and do the first thing that came to mind. I don't think anyone (character or viewer) would say that shooting the kid was smart, but it's what he thought genius Walt would want.From the moment he told Walt about the nanny cam, you just knew this dude was a little over eager to please the cooks. Him shooting the kid is in-line with...
hahaha...ur dum. "the important part"??? this is a movie about a man in a bat costume. take your importance elsewhere.
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