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I'm also wondering if they'll do anything further with Van Alden this season, or pick up on his story next season....or pick it up at all.
Boardwalk Empire + Chalky - Margaret = amazing show.I'm most pumped up to see WTF Richard Harrow's gonna do with his arsenal. That guy is, by far, my favorite character on the show.
Not sure if it was discussed already, but you missed one of the most obvious ones....Macallan Scotch. It was in practically every drinking scene, including when the hottie got shot in the head.
+ Home Alone
Forgot to include Glenmorangie 10-Original on my list.I've read that the stuff above and beyond the Original aren't really worth the price of admission. Is your experience different?
It's a great unpeated Islay (the peat's hiding in the back...just the right amount). To my untrained palate, it's very rich, sweet, strong citrus notes...but almost like a citrus dessert...like a lemon bar. It's far more complex than just that, but that's what comes to mind for me.It's probably my favorite to drink right now.
Can't believe I've ignored this thread... I've been spending the last several months building up a modest single malt collection (some blended). Here's what's currently sitting on the shelf: Lagavulin16 Caol Ila 12 Ardbeg 10 (These three, to me, are the best that Islay has to offer....not huge on Laphroig as it's just a peat bomb with not much sweetness behind it, but maybe i need to revisit it.) Highland Park 12 Dalwhinnie 15 Bruichladdich "Laddie Ten" - Good goddamn,...
She saw the name and just repeated it given it's obvious significance in the notebook. I don't think she knew it was his chained up zombie daughter.
Lincoln/Louie was so amazing. Highlight of the night.
I'd buy that in a heartbeat.
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