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Starting a completely new thread over distinctions between Japanese and Scotch Whisky is text book nit picking. I think we're all well read enough on the subject to be able to distinguish between the two without ruining the thread's good name.
From what I understand, Speyside IS in the highlands region. The difference being that Speyside distilleries reside near or along the River Spey, thus, giving them their own category (and flavor profile?). I think it was just a way to further differentiate amongst the Highland distilleries as those cover the largest surface area and can vary quite a bit.(If you knew that already, then ignore me)
Aberlour A'bunadh cask's my one smiley review: The jump from the 45-50% ABV whiskys that I'm used to up to the 60.3% of the A'bunadh is quite noticeable. Stuff tastes great out of the bottle, but add some water and everything definitely opens up.
I'll add Since I've Been Loving You to that list. Plant's intensity on the album blow away his stammering on stage.
Has anyone seen Led Zepagain, or one of the other well known cover bands? Saw Zepagain about a month ago. It was pretty cool to see them initially...all except for the JPJ/bassist looked very close to their counterparts (the drummer was practically a spitting image of Bonzo). The feeling sort of wears off after a while, probably right around the time the alcohol does, and you realize you're just watching a bunch of middle aged guys imitate your favorite band.
With that said, I'd f-ing LOVE for them to get back together and tour. Would be a dream come true to see the original 3 + Jason Bonham live...even if it falls short of the genuine article from the 70's.
I saw the Celebration Day show in the theater. Not sure how the DVD mix sounded, but the beginning was AWFUL. Maybe it was the actual film, or just the sound in the theater i was watching, but it was so quiet at first. Also, Plant's general inability to hit his high notes gave me a sad. Overall, though, I thought the show was good. I'm not as big, or long standing a Led Zeppelin fan as some of you guys, so I can't dissect it in the same way.
Exactly right. Laddie 10 with some water makes it even no way
GF bought me a bottle of Highland Park TWENTY FIVE for Christmas. Girl's a goddamn keeper. Also got a bottle of Lagavulin 16 from my brother who disclosed that they have them for $25 off at Costco. Not sure if they have this deal everywhere, but a bottle of Lag 16 at around $60 is definitely a good pickup.
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