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Not sure if posted. An interesting video on genetics and muscle growth.
my first thought was Adam from Workaholics.
Switching over to a cut soon...any of you guys doing CarbNite? From my basic understanding of it, it's extremely low carb (
Anyone who actively reads Deadspin knows that they will be the last people to ever claim to be a legitimate news organization.That a punk sports blog can do better journalism than every other "legitimate news organization" out there is more a testament to the shitty quality of journalism as a whole.
Anyone who doesn't tell Donald Trump to fuck himself isn't doing their job.
I had the good sense to claim my girlfriend was in another country doing missionary work.
Don't forget the University and the entire Te'o family.
There are only 2 possibilities that make sense: 1) It's an elaborate publicity stunt gone wrong 2) It's an elaborate attempt to stay in the closet gone wrong.
Nail on the head.I get his point and appreciate the information for information's sake, but when you start going all Soup Nazi up in the thread it just comes across as a bit...This is a thread with grown men talking about booze...I'd prefer it be as light hearted and welcoming as the subject matter.
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