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Thanks for the helpful replies. You gotta love Mogwai!
Can anyone help me with how Frye boots fit? Do they run true to size or should I go up 1/2 a size? Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by CaliStyle hi thanks so much for the referal could you please direct me to a link? what is the "WAYWT" thread? what subsection is it under?. page 118 of the thread? or the subsection? the subsections only have like 20 pages each Here ya go.
There's a post on superfuture in the WAYWT thread page 118 where a guys girlfriend made him that hoody. It's copied from a Dior.
Got my Sugarcane Belt yesterday. Great service and really fast delivery. Ordered it Wednesday and had by Saturday! Definately going to have to find more to buy while coldrice is in Japan.
Quote: Originally Posted by Brian SD Yea, I use a keyhook to do that on my belt loop. But I've got a fancy new one coming in soon.. Cannot wait. Which one are you getting Brian?
Any idea what the Wild Swans Spanker II goes for? I want one.
My sugarcane 47's had the same puffy i just took a dump in pants look when i first got them. Now that they've been washed a few times and are broken in, the problem is gone
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