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If I was into chinos, i'd probably give these Canes a try.
I've been looking at the Nice Collective Recon Pant on Steven Alan. I'm a size 33 and they only seem to come to in even sizes. Anyone know how they fit? Should I go up to a 34 or down to 32? Thanks.
I'd also like to find one in black. I got the heather grey from Steven Alan. Cost was $85 if I remember correctly.
I'd be in for the shawl collar as well.
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy The bulk of w+h and Wings & Horns is sold in Japan (not surprisingly), and Japanese stores like United Arrows buy in mass quanitites (because Japanese consumers buy in mass quanitites) Do you know of other Japanese stores that stock Wings & Horn and w+h? I really like this piece but need to find a Large.
Quote: Originally Posted by JET Picked up a white with double black stripes band of outsiders shirt, XL cut super slim love it. Jet you went with the XL? How tall are you, chest size, etc? I've been thinking i'd need a Large but I have a pretty athletic build so maybe I should get XL.
Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart the b/w ones are classic, those are like the "Jam" shoes that are still popular. thanks for sharing! Hey Get Smart. Do you know if you can still get the original Shelly's Jam shoes anywhere? I had a pair in the 80's (my mod days). Great shoes.
Speaking of the APC Too-Tight jacket. Does anyone know of a store that might have a large and will take a phone order? The APC site is sold out of larges. Thanks.
Did anyone ever figure out if the washed NS are sized the same as the unwashed?
Here's a link to the US site. You should have better luck there.
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