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Quote: Originally Posted by DBoon First of all, I think that in a very short amount of time you have improved your look a lot. And you don't look like you are putting on a costume, which is a very good thing. Those jeans fit impeccably. Thanks
Here it is after a wash/dry. My new Nudies as well! I apologize for the bare-footedness, I don't have any shoes I like with these jeans yet.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bam!ChairDance Oh, and a quick note: the shirt is way too big for shrinking to help. You'll get about an inch of shrinkage, and the sleeve flares will not lessen significantly. Save yourself the post-wash trauma and exchange them for a smaller shirt. So I should go down to an extra small? I'm worried it'll be too short if I do since i'm 5'11".
Update: Here it is after a wash/dry. My new Nudies as well! I just got my AA shirts in the mail toady, and I was wondering how the fit is. This pic is an asphalt shirt unwashed, as I don't want to wash it if the sizing is bad. should I keep the small and wash it?
Quote: Originally Posted by elyrly how old are you? 18, sr. in high school
Quote: Originally Posted by Brutus Skinny stuff isn't common at the mall so start buying on the internetz. Amazing return policies at most places make it a breeze. -Brutus2 Do any of you have AIM? It'd be a big help if you hit me up, my SN is yedsaiejoe.
Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug First step to stop dressing like a skater is to quit buying all your clothes at skate/surf clothing stores Yeah, but where to go with such a skinny body?
Quote: Originally Posted by Brutus I assume you're still in high school because this looks very HS. The hoodie looks a little big and the graphic logo needs to leave. The color of the T doesn't seem to work with your skin tone. The shoes and the jeans could be worse but that's just my opinion. How old are you? What do you want your style to be? Yeah, I'm a senior in HS. I'm 18, I want my style to be different than "skater". I don't like...
Quote: Originally Posted by Brutus Uuhhh??? You look happy but a new T, hoodie, jeans, and shoes might help bring the teeth out. New everything? Why?
Element Hoodzip Element T-shirt Element Rocker Jeans DC Shoes
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