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Maybe they don't, but I heard all you have to do is email them and ask. Otherwise, still ~$328 shipped, which is still pretty good.
Just scored black Achilles mids from Oki-Ni for ~$260 shipped!
Oki-Ni has 30% discount on stuff like Common Projects using code 30PREVIEW
I too have been looking for cheap CP black achilles mids, and emailed tbs about it. They said they wont have them until next season
Bought in 2009, only worn a handful of times. Very good condition. Size 46.
Pretty much this.For whoever asked, waist is 28, NC are 25, PNS are 26.
Finally got fits pics of the Petite New Standards. They're sized down 2, the New Cures above were sized down 3.
Fit pics of my New Cures before I retire them for a while (if not good):
Just got new Petite New Standards, to replace my 3-year, 2 (or 3, I forget) wash New Cures.
Indigo NC, black 19cm. Both 2-3+ years old, probably have worn the 19cm more though. I think both have 2 washes, stopped keeping track long ago.
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