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These are really cool.
I can actually answer why it's not lined. Because I think I sold you that? It is low pocket just like the camel version. And I thinkIt's not lined because I think it was one of few samples that was made I don't think that color was ordered. And it's a thinner wool because I think it's one of in house fabrics so it's not as substantial as the singular color ones.
Anyone here good with photoshop help me something, could you pm, would appreciate it.
I actually think this is my favorite look from you and personally disagree with Teger I've always thought the MMM fit the vibe your going for. Even though I don't know how you wear a suit where you live. [[SPOILER]] ]That's looks really cool bro, I really like the details of that jacket, I'm glad you ended up with it, def fits you well.
Nah I bought some off rakuten a while ago, grey with blue hue really nice crisp cotton wasn't sure if if was the same. Thanks
Actually was Grey/brown with black lining. More grey than brown kinda like a driftwood grey with black lining.Also are the exhaust trousers pull on? Or do they have some elastic waistband?
I just sold one in your size...
Just a $180 bill from tailor for 7 pants which I think is reasonable but makes me wanna learn how tailor things on my own
Looks a lot like how you dress, Regis are you trying to get Benes to sell for you?
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