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I meant the toebox would be similar to his a1923 workboots.
I would go with either Guidi or Layer-0, leather of layer-0 is really top notch but I really like Guidi in terms of variations of color, if I had another choice id probably go with something variations of color. If your planning on getting another black boots id say go with layer-0. KKA will be too similar to what you already have.
Why not just get Guidi boots then?
What about these? http://www.styleforum.net/t/397084/carpe-diem-6-hole-boot-41-42-send-me-offers
Still a medium available http://www.shopneighbour.com/collections/sweaters/products/mohair-bubble-sweater-ivory
Neighbor bubble sweater Same as this but in ivory
Man I wish these fit me id get em they're so nice.
Yeah it is I had both a 4 and 5 of Merino and I'm closer to a 42 than I am a 40. The tan merino in a 4 that I have fits me perfect for me, the sizing for fabrics might be different on the 5 that I had, it was slightly roomier in the shoulders and longer in arms, it still fit comfortably I wasn't swimming in it. But Sipang had two size 6 merinos available for like 2 weeks? With measurements so there are sources to getting your sizing. A size 6 merino is closer to a 44 than...
These are long and I asked my tailor to hem them for be, how the knit part is constructed you should be able to get them hemmed without having to take any of the knit part.
This really doesn't make any sense. Unless your like 300lb football player why would you think a 6 would be too small? I think the only person that a 7 could fit well on the forum would be TTO.
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