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Anyone here good with photoshop help me something, could you pm, would appreciate it.
I actually think this is my favorite look from you and personally disagree with Teger I've always thought the MMM fit the vibe your going for. Even though I don't know how you wear a suit where you live. [[SPOILER]] ]That's looks really cool bro, I really like the details of that jacket, I'm glad you ended up with it, def fits you well.
Nah I bought some off rakuten a while ago, grey with blue hue really nice crisp cotton wasn't sure if if was the same. Thanks
Actually was Grey/brown with black lining. More grey than brown kinda like a driftwood grey with black lining.Also are the exhaust trousers pull on? Or do they have some elastic waistband?
I just sold one in your size...
Just a $180 bill from tailor for 7 pants which I think is reasonable but makes me wanna learn how tailor things on my own
Looks a lot like how you dress, Regis are you trying to get Benes to sell for you?
Gonna sell my size 5 merino if anyone interested. Black lining, grey/brown fade tone.
https://www.openingceremony.us/products.asp?menuid=1&designerid=161&countryid=1861&productid=106140&sproductid=106142&color=GREY&size=4/SYou can give me the finders fee.
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