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Dark grey or Black suede sidezips Maybe some Ann D combat boots Hopefully some older number (n)ine stuff, have a couple things I'm hoping I'll find Raf knit I might get soon Maybe a couple Blazers More basic tee's New glass New colognes Maybe some more knits
I remember Drew posting if you wanted to mold the lapels in either that original BCDR or moto he recommended just dipping the lapel section in water or do it slowly over time with oil. I know I just molded my moto with just leather oil and over time they just stayed. It still zips up fine with no issues.Also this is available if someone was looking for it. This is a great deal on an awesome jacket and well sized from what I...
Damn this thing is awesome
Void selling 06 RO dunks http://supertalk.superfuture.com/index.php/topic/143626-fs-ann-demeulemeester-blazer-junya-moto-jacket-06-rick-owens-sneakers/
I had my tailor shortened these pretty easily they're pretty long.Picked up this OG Lang coat in thick moleskin, not sure if it's from 02 or 03 but should be nice. [[SPOILER]]
Just keep it simple I think
@Cotton Dockers Colors and textures are nice but I think you're on the opposite side of when I think of EG. Easy, good construction and fabrics and relaxed. I think you couldve worn the shawl differently.
I think this is how I would rate the quality system.S=new with tagsA=new without tags or only tried onB=excellent to very good conditionC=worn in good condition, minimal wear any condition issues will be pointed out.D=worn, noticeable wear some garments will usually show wear depending on fabric.Only issue I've ever had with Rakuten was when stupid hotmail had me reset my password so I couldn't confirm an order but it all worked out.
I migh be Interssted in that, I'll let you know can you pm the chest and shoulders measurements?
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