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If anyone's thinking of selling a Large Homespun Bedford in any fabric, olive, navy, brown or grey. Preferably brown lemme know. There was one on grailed recently but I didn't get a chance.
Lol I wouldn't ever wear a jacket like that with collar down but that's just my own preferance, I think with the collar up it actually brings out the shape of those lapels.
Ok thanks this makes a whole lot more sense
Ahhhh ok, I was really only going on measurements of chest and shoulders, they seem to be pretty wide, for their sizing.
This is cool. Anything of mine that you'd be interested in trading for this?
Nice you won that Dries, it looked really good, thought about bidding but prob would've been too small. @ghostface
What would you guys recommend for CPO? I'm normally around a 40/large but I'd probably wear like an over shirt. Would a small be fine? I don't want it too loose.
I got em off y! Jpn auction. Yeah these will actually be my 3rd pair.
EG Buttero
That tweed is good. Looks more CM but always ways to change it. http://www.ebay.com/ulk/itm/331673047772
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