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Buttero MMM Blue Blue DB moleskin indigo...
@beepbop wish those jeans were a little longer. That fit on MC villain challenge, def you're best fit yet btw. Think you'd like the styling from these dudes, | feel like they fit somewhat where you're going with some of you're recent fits.
I actually have these in a dark green pebbled leather that @Lorcan7 proxied for me, def would recommend.
It's about 45 mins south of SF. @Snoopy Pants are Undercover from I think SS11.
The pockets on the vest fit a small sketch pad perfectly. Basically what this weather was like after short hike, patches of sun but mostly fog.
@LA Guy so what would be the next step to enquire?
[[SPOILER]] Parker or Ghostface even though he hasn't been so active with fits recently
Pretty sure it was closer to 3, I think the waffle was $325.
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