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Cool... no one cares.3rdC I think if you would've kept it all in a shade of blue it wouldve been a lot better. Or even a dark grey tee would've been cool,
Number (N)ine Noir/High streets not sure? Wool/leather/thermal jersey Parka/Jacket Norse Projects bubble tee
Pure blue x uniqlo slim fit. They're pretty nice.
Regis candy
Mihara embroidery teeLarose camel rabbit felt zip hat [[SPOILER]]
Don't need bars homie I already got an iPhone 8 excellaAlways hope homie, at that price I had to try it and fabric looked really good too
Picked up this DD blazer off yoox http://mobile.yoox.com/us/41459810AS/item?dept=men#sts=SearchResult&cod10=41459810AS&sizeId=4
Another fit wallabies up.I always remember all the bigger kids would wear those because they were well...wide. [[SPOILER]]
I meant the ones that are like 73/20/7 I think? There were some powder blue ones.
Church's Leyton dark green came, they might give my Ann D a run. Thanks @Lorcan7 for the proxy
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