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No Nike.com I just got my regular size since I just use my own insoles.
I picked these up on Nike been wanting something like this for a while
Anyone here in the UK that can proxy something for me? Pm me please
Margiela, UC,...
Diesel lol
Lol yeah I've never even seen that vest but it looked dope
Rakuten it's by Isaora
Ahhhh ok yeah I was getting a vibe kinda like these. But I think they messed up their pricing because they listed the lining fabric only...lol which they did with this bad ass EG coat I got a while agoWhich are one of my fav things he's done
It's funny, it's Diesel but it actually reminds a lot of what Geller would have done at Cloak or kinda similar to that Petroleum green from SS09. And I'm pretty sure the color is actually gonna be richer or darker than in the pictures. Kind-U really spotlights their pictures.
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