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@indesertum nice I actually had thought about getting that.
Hmmm, not feeling the fit. Maybe, gats?
I still got it
Union made had a pretty great buy last time I saw his stuff their.
Why it out selling? It's so nice.
Pants look nice, pose looks dumb.@Benesyed
Selling this awesome black boiled wool/leather/processed jersey sleeves with thermal sleeve lining, kinda hard to describe. And even harder to part with but I feel like I just don't wear black enough and this piece just ain't getting love like it should! Size 5 which this jacket really fits around a 40-42, the jacket in terms of proportions is around the length of a peacoat. It's so hard to describe but the pictures really speak for themselves, jacket is in excellent...
That jacket is from last fall, their spring stuff from this season and next spring look so good.And their website.http://www.three-animals.com.
Personally I think they look good and it'll take a few wears to just break em in and loosen. I actually like the couches, I've always like tufted furniture.
And insp.http://www.styleforum.net/t/303455/the-contentedness-thread/150
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