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Where these at to order from?
Too simple for Raf pricing.
I would go with a 5 on that, it doesn't really look like its slim, honestly unless it's a blazer I would go with normal sizing. It looks really nice.
Gonna need this.
Don't you already have Algae in blue/black? Maybe get something different? Personally I would go with a warmer darker tone like the wine or purple weave over another blue coat or grey coat that he'll do again.
If anyone is thinking of selling their green Merino in a 4 or 5 let me know.
It is, I might actually sell it. Color is too similar to this Raf I have, I ended up winning it for $117 so if anyone's interested just hit me up, it's actually really nice.I got it on rakutenThis one is actually different than the ones you see often I think that you're referring to. This is from 09 off white moleskin exterior and a padded interior that I think Is detachable, I've never seen this exact one until now. And I knew what it was from a few things when I compared...
A kind of guise Dries Nike Helmut Lang Cosmic Wonder moleskin parka MMM
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