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Man I wish these fit me id get em they're so nice.
Yeah it is I had both a 4 and 5 of Merino and I'm closer to a 42 than I am a 40. The tan merino in a 4 that I have fits me perfect for me, the sizing for fabrics might be different on the 5 that I had, it was slightly roomier in the shoulders and longer in arms, it still fit comfortably I wasn't swimming in it. But Sipang had two size 6 merinos available for like 2 weeks? With measurements so there are sources to getting your sizing. A size 6 merino is closer to a 44 than...
These are long and I asked my tailor to hem them for be, how the knit part is constructed you should be able to get them hemmed without having to take any of the knit part.
This really doesn't make any sense. Unless your like 300lb football player why would you think a 6 would be too small? I think the only person that a 7 could fit well on the forum would be TTO.
Personally I love my 2010 rider it's much more forgiving visually than the MDR, reason I say this and this also goes with the Moto that the banded bottom if you size it too long even an inch too long it just won't look as good as if you sized spot on. Your eye really just draws you in, reason I say that is my dark whiskey moto was only an inch longer than my red moto that I recently sold and it was almost night and day the difference how much better it looked in length of...
[[SPOILER]] Where'd you get these? They're nice.
I'm gonna get the 6 plus, it's bigger but it's actually faster and better resolution could really care about the size. I'm planning on doing a silver/white. The gold looks nice on the 5s but the design is a lot different and I don't think it'll look as on the 6 as the 5s.
Prob too snug, wasn't it a 4?
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