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What's sizing like on Barena? I've interested in getting something but sizing seemed to vary between garment to garment. I had Geller Richard I just didn't like the length.
Anyone got any recs for anything similar to Dana Lee leisure jacket? Doesn't have to be the same material.
Really wouldn't consider this a fit, was just taking a pic of the and wander fly coat for a few people that asked about it. But here it is, coat is really nice. It's super light with a lot of great detailes, fabric while lightweight definitely has some good resistance to it.
They don't look too big on you honestly, I think even a small might fit pretty similarly.
Both are from fall, the grey one is supposed to be more of a raincoat. It's really nice coat, the lines are great, the details are probably my favorite thing of it.
Yup, same material as this coat, should fit a size 48
Someone should pick this up, same as mine n Fokken but different material. Should fit a 48. https://www.griled.com/listings/829701-Dries-Van-Noten-strap-jacket
Someone needs to get this, same as mine n Fokken but different material https://www.griled.com/listings/829701-Dries-Van-Noten-strap-jacket
You should get it instead of that Marni
Someone a size 52 needs to get the Maxi Owl coat http://mobile.yoox.com/us/41653443NK/item#dept=promotionsmen&sts=ip_baynote&bnwidget=PDSameDesigner&bnslot=8&bnpid=41653443&cod10=41653443NK&sizeId=4&colorsSelector=%23colorScroll%20.generOption.color&sizesSelector=%23itemScroll%20.generOption.size&disableClass=disabledOption&selectedClass=selected
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