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Heh thanks homieI actually wasn't even gonna wear it but I put it on and felt even more comfortable with it on.It's zip fedora from this past season in camel, they're releasing similar colors this fall too. ln-cc had it cheaper than all other stores by significant amount, I would recommend going to them.
Dam. Hook it up I need a size 42 in those.
What about these?http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/ragtag/item/r2100913329071/
They did make them back in the past in kudu but would be hard to find.
No idea, just looked cool, so I felt it belonged here.
Selling this really nice J.W.Anderson knit, I remember Greg from NMWA described the wool so soft it could probably pass as cashmere and that's probably how I would describe it as well. It's from fall 2010 made in Scotland and I think this version was exclusive to Dover Street, size medium but fits like a large. It does show some wear, just some light pulling but a lint roller should help. Price: $100 shipped in CONUS
Didn't you just say your last 7 purchases weren't your best? Tan prob looks a whole lot better I would imagine.
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