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Also SUPER makes some toohttp://store.retrosuperfuture.com/collections/giaguarohttp://store.retrosuperfuture.com/collections/49erhttp://store.retrosuperfuture.com/collections/panamaI think oliver people might make some as well
If you wanted height the one thing you don't want is contrast in mid region it visually will break things up. Honestly just keep everything well fitted and have things hemmed to the right length. I'm only 5'8" snow, breezy, diniro, mikey, nahneun are also shorter side..there's a lot of shorter dudes here.
I really dislike the sneakers and don't tuck in the tee just to show off the buckle.
The CCP he's getting really aren't that bad in terms of shape, they're not the pointy ones.I don't think it's gonna be a Dorje all over again.
I gotch you
http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/modescape/item/48812/Or find the model for these Guidi get a special order in the color you want. I think 10sei made some this spring, there's also Attachment and you could also possibly go with Viberg as well.
Selling these Junya jeans from fall 07 unfortunately they were to small in the waist since the measurements were off but my loss is someone else's gain hopefully they're really nice and I had to jump on em when I saw them on rakuten. They're a nice thick denim in black, not a deep black but more of a faded black with both leather and suede patches and some damage processing. Horizontal silver back zippers that really give it a nice touch. These have been hemmed from...
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