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Only, repeat only, if you are wearing AE seconds.
"He is missed. I hope that he is ok."
"how she behaved with me" is the key to guiding you. You can't abide bad behavior or, worse, reward it. In my experience the only thing that works is to break it off, then go about your life, NOT making any conciliatory overtures. If she seeks your forgiveness, you may have the possibility of starting over, perhaps on better terms, but it is unfortunately true that the surest predictor of future behavior is past behavior.Six months seems to be about the longest most of...
He was looking for the place called Lee Ho Fook's,Going to get a big dish of beef chow mein.Ahhwooooo...
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For a time, he posted here as voxsartoria, I believe. I am not certain of that, however. At any rate, F. Corbera is on a self-imposed leave of absence. He is missed
Is the elided "r" a mere coincidence? Moi, je ne suis pas certain....
No, the referenced pic can be seen in the pdf here.
Dopey has it spot on.
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