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Quote: Originally Posted by harry2quinn These guys: called 'Italian looking' the other day (they're Barkers). OMG that medallion.
Quote: Originally Posted by GBer Do you actually take these bags to work? Seems too casual for my office. Maybe the field satchel might work, but I might get asked if I'm planning to go fishing. I've never gotten anything but compliments when I bring mine to the office. I don't see how they're significantly more casual than the ballistic nylon that 99% of people carry these days. If you go with the dark brown color, you're apt to draw less...
Visit Leffot or Alden.
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria A. Harris had a thread back in the spring in the S&D forum that asked: So, inspired by that thread, I ask the same question of the individuals in this forum. In my case, a combination of age, resources, and lifelong clotheshorsery has produced many a failure. If I started over again, this is what I would change (again, these address my weaknesses; yours might be very different): 1. Exchange quality...
Quote: Originally Posted by Cant kill da Rooster know buttons are removable right? Not referring to an adjustable cuff. I don't see why collar choice should dictate one or two button cuffs. Prevalence/common applications aside, neither is more correct than the other.
Quote: Originally Posted by meister So what do you think - are the made to regular AS specs or closer to handmade quality?. They cost USD545. The sole confused me with the font ...I should have stuck with nail pattern as always.. You can tell they're AS both from the nail pattern on the heel, as well as those two arcs of dotted perforations--those have been on every AS I've seen/handled. It's hard to tell the quality level without...
Quote: Originally Posted by FranDCG These are nice, dead ringer for AS.
Having a different button stance for a SC vs. suit seems unnecessary. The biggest differentiator of the two is fabric choice, and in distant second are certain details like pocket choice, button material, swelled/not edges, etc. SCs require a more textured, casual fabric, and don't work when done up in smooth, shinier worsteds typical of a conservative suit.
Quote: Originally Posted by lee_44106 Without a full body shot it's hard to tell, but even with this pic the pockets look low. something just doesn't look right. No one noticed when he first posted.
Quote: Originally Posted by bleachboy kitonbrioni has one. It's actually denim spun from fibers derived from the process of skinning of Micronesian sacrificial infants. It's also reversible, and the other side is Loro Piana storm system cashmere.
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