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Quote: Originally Posted by F. Corbera One holiday tradition that I like over there on Devil's Island is when some of the few remaining posters fly to Oz in December every year to gift a bathtub full of mid-stream urine to it's most frequent poster. He's led in to the washroom with the lights out. The lights are then raised, everyone zips or buttons up, and yells, "Surprise!" After much mirth and tears of joy, the recipient shouts, "Hey, mates...I...
Quote: Originally Posted by Despos Saw a huge showoff today How much do you think he weighed? Peacock feathers are rather light, so probably surprisingly little.
Quote: Originally Posted by forex Does anyone know what last these CJ chukkas are on?§ionsize= They look like 348 in which case they would be Tetbury,it also looks like 240 last from the zoomed pictures. Last time I checked those were Sargents. Really nice.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jan_ I notice that your tie's stripes are in European direction. I wonder whether this is seen as a faux pas or don't you (Americans) have a strong opinion on that matter (unlike the British)? Here's a discussion on the military background of the different styles (including a good joke at the end of the discussion). And the Source of Truth says: lolwut
Top of this page, "ID" thread for heel patterns/labels. Isaia is in there. If for some reason the image link is dead, search in B/S for Isaia (shouldn't be too hard to find) and there are almost always accompanying shots of labels.
15 min to iron???? I spend 3-5 min tops on a shirt using a good steam iron. Probably remove 90% or more of the wrinkles, many of which will invariably reappear during my commute. I think that grossly inflated ironing time is a classic bit of internet lore from a certain zealous moderator/underwear dealer from a foreign land.
Walked by JAB today and sign said "buy one get six** free." Actually not kidding.
Quote: Originally Posted by F. Corbera Brogued boots are great for the beach, especially for invasions. Some invasions, however, will only be successful if the medallion is done in the style of the "Italian look."
If you have a 15" neck, a 15" inch collar won't physically fit around it. Shirt makers typically add .5" to your neck measurement to yield the correct collar size. Since a size 15 BB shirt is designed to fit a 15" neck, its collar size should be 15.5" post-shrinkage. Right out of the packaging, it will measure .25-.5" greater than that to allow for shrinking post-wash. My experience with the heritage fabric OC (must iron) is that it will shrink about .5" after washing.
Quote: Originally Posted by TRINI you like it, teh cock and teh balls? Apparently that is the "Italian look." The silhouette is a bit drapey and unstructured for me, though.
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