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RL darlton penny or Alden LHS in #8
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton Ditch the square and maybe swap in lace-ups for monks and I think this is UCBD. [[SPOILER]] 2-3 red ties in about as many days? What changed the aversion?
So what is your choice of square with black tie?
For sale are some high quality, carefully selected items from my own closet. Prices include shipping in CONUS and payment is accepted via paypal--I prefer to stay within the CONUS, as it makes my life easier, but might be willing to work something out internationally. Corneliani solid navy suit, super 110s "extra fine merinos" 100% wool. It's tagged as a size 40 short, in the Spencer cut (softer shoulders, slimmer body). I had this altered (collar lowered, sides slimmed,...
Quote: Originally Posted by TRINI Isn't it obvious that off-white/cream linen is the true OneSquare®? I have a once-pure-white linen square that has since become mildly yellowed over time with wear. It's better now. +1
It's a very high quality brand. You need to have a price, though.
Did you fail to mention that you'd be ordering seven identical wallets, one for each day of the week?
Quote: Originally Posted by Baron I wear light grey flannel trousers much more than charcoal - like 5x more probably. I think that cloth looks pretty good, maybe a touch lighter than ideal but close enough. +1 I have much more light grey than any other shade, and I wear them more as well, even to the point of almost making them my OnePant. I think they are distinctive in a subtle way--charcoal and even darker med. grey is too "office pant"-like...
Quote: Originally Posted by F. Corbera One holiday tradition that I like over there on Devil's Island is when some of the few remaining posters fly to Oz in December every year to gift a bathtub full of mid-stream urine to it's most frequent poster. He's led in to the washroom with the lights out. The lights are then raised, everyone zips or buttons up, and yells, "Surprise!" After much mirth and tears of joy, the recipient shouts, "Hey, mates...I...
Quote: Originally Posted by Despos Saw a huge showoff today How much do you think he weighed? Peacock feathers are rather light, so probably surprisingly little.
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