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Shirts look nice- any details on what buttons are used? Also, are the collars the classic Brooks dimensions (3.25) or longer/shorter?
More drops!
More drops.
Dropped prices.
Thanks for the replies. To be clear, wasnt suggesting that there ought to be a discount, but rather just checking pre-purchase since such offers have become common practice among some SF affiliate vendors.
Any discount/free shipping for SF members?
Quote: Originally Posted by Mark from Plano Actually, black tie with wing collar and white pique vest is perfectly proper and has at times even been considered the most appropriate for more formal events. Personally, as Manton notes earlier in the thread, I wouldn't wear the combo without a wing collar shirt. In fact, I have worn it, but only with a detachable wing collar. From Black Tie Guide:...
Quote: Originally Posted by musicguy White tie (with white pique vest) would require a tailcoat. So the black vest is actually proper. Turndown collar is fine for black tie, imo. Are you talking about this vest? http://www.brooksbrothers.com/IWCatP...=§ionsize= Yes, that's it. I'd be wearing black tie--as mentioned above and elsewhere, it's correct to wear the white tie vest with black tie attire. My question is, how bad would it be to...
I have a dilemma. I strongly dislike wing collar shirts, but also strongly dislike cummerbunds. My DJ will be SB with peaks. Would it be totally inappropriate to wear a turndown collar with the white pique formal vest? Secondly, would it be less offensive to wear a black barathea vest rather than white pique? It would a silk barathea, and thus an odd vest (not matching the dinner suit).
I have a few extra of these lying around that I should clear out, if anyone's interested PM me.
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